Movement Toward Gender & Marriage Equality Mark Growth in Post-Communist Slovenia, Ambassador Says

Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Hungary Ksenija Skrilec spoke at CEU as part of the Ambassadorial Lecture series, a joint program of CEU's Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS) and the CEU Rectorate. Skrilec's Nov.

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Jon Van Til speaks about "The Hungarian Patient"

Jon Van Til, professor emeritus of urban studies and community planning at Rutgers University (Camden) speaks about "The Hungarian Patient", a book published by CEU Press and edited by him and Peter Krasztev, social anthropologist and associate professor at the Budapest Business School (BGF).

The "First Great Propaganda War" Suppressed Vocal Dissenters, Divided Families, Hochschild Says

The First World War was more than a battle between rival alliances – there were dissenters and families divided by conflicting loyalties, according to Adam Hochschild, who tells their stories in "To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918" and spoke about them at CEU Nov. 25.

Refugee Crisis Saw Cooperation and Conflict Among Civil, Government Actors, Menedek’s Kovats Says

“Competition, conflicts and cooperation all existed between state authorities and civil society organizations during the most dramatic months of the refugee crisis,” according to Andras Kovats, founder and director of Hungarian Association for Migrants, who spoke about the lessons learned from refugee crisis in Budapest at a public lecture at CEU organized by the Nationalism Studies Program on Nov. 3.

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