SPP Student Ahmad Learned Negotiation in War-Torn Pakistan

Bashir Ahmad witnessed the suffering of his people caught in a war between terrorists, the U.S. and Pakistan. His efforts to represent youth put him in danger.

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Kalman Mizsei on Reforms in Ukraine

The current government is the most capable Ukraine has ever had, and the readiest to reform, said CEU Adjunct Professor Kalman Mizsei, who heads the European Union Advisory Mission on Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine. His lecture at CEU was organized as part of the Frontiers of Democracy series by the Department of Public Policy.

SPP Prepares to Welcome DPP Faculty, Students, and Staff

“The School of Public Policy is becoming one of the largest and most diverse public policy schools in Europe,” said Julia Buxton, professor of comparative politics and SPP associate dean for academic affairs and programs.

CEU Students Discuss Humanitarian Dimensions of Crisis in Ukraine and Offer Solutions

The Center for EU Enlargement Studies at CEU hosted the “Ukrainian Crisis: Security and Humanitarian Dimension” workshop on April 8. Working with experts from the ground, students offered ideas for conflict resolution and prepared for post-conflict scenarios in Ukraine.

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Discussing Drugs on the Dark Net

Julia Buxton, professor of comparative politics at CEU's School of Public Policy, believes reducing harm should be key as UN debates new drug policies.

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