Smart Solutions for Sustainability on CEU’s New Campus

Smart technologies and intelligent design that significantly lower energy consumption will be implemented on CEU’s new campus – this was the topic of the business forum “Invisible Building Intelligence” co-hosted by CEU Business School and the Embassy of Ireland on April 26.

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CEU Career Days & Fair 2016

Frontiers of Democracy

Democracy And Its Discontents - Interviews

Frontiers of Democracy is a far-reaching CEU initiative that aims to promote open debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas with a diversity of views about the nature of democracy today. 


CEU Hosts Erasmus Staff Week on Managing a Global University

CEU hosted the Erasmus Staff Week April 11-15 with the theme “Managing a Global University: What Does It Take?” and participants from 10 countries from Iceland to Kyrgyzstan. CEU, with students from 107 countries and faculty and staff from 49, and strategic partnerships from the U.S.

CEU Mourns the Loss of CTL Lecturer Joanna Renc-Roe

Central European University and its community mourns of the loss of Joanna Renc-Roe, lecturer at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), who passed away April 20. Renc-Roe was a respected member of the CEU community for 13 years who made many significant contributions to the University, and will be greatly missed.

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