Success of Reforms is Key to Stability in Ukraine According to Mizsei

The current government is the most capable Ukraine has ever had, and the readiest to reform, said CEU Adjunct Professor Kalman Mizsei, who heads the European Union Advisory Mission on Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine. His March 23 lecture at CEU was organized as part of the Frontiers of Democracy series by the Department of Public Policy.

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Who is Supporting Putin’s Policy? The Mystery of 84%

It is widely reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoys an 84 percent approval rating among Russians. In a CEU Frontiers of Democracy lecture, Professor Nina Y. Belyaeva of National Research University, Higher School of Economics in Moscow delved into the numbers and who really supports Putin.

Central and Eastern Europe Is a Startup Region, Says Przybylski

Innovation is flourishing in the region, said Wojciech Przybylski, editor-in-chief of Visegrad Insight and Res Publica Nowa, in a March 20 discussion organized by CEU’s Center for EU Enlargement Studies (CENS). The two magazines published “New Europe 100”, a list that selected Central and Eastern Europe’s most influential innovators.

CEU Grant Allows Near Real-Time Student Feedback and Course Adjustments

Students are familiar with course and professor evaluations but some might not have had the opportunity to give mid-course feedback that could improve their learning experience.

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Discussing Drugs on the Dark Net

Julia Buxton, professor of comparative politics at CEU's School of Public Policy, believes reducing harm should be key as UN debates new drug policies.

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