Funding and Fees

CEU is committed to attracting talented students and scholars from around the world and provides a variety of merit-based scholarships and tuition awards available to students from any country.

Financial Aid Package Tuition Waiver Stipend Housing Health Insurance
CEU Master's Excellence Scholarship Yes Full Yes* Yes
CEU Master's Scholarship Yes Partial Yes* Yes
CEU Master's Tuition Award 50-100% Yes No No Yes
CEU Doctoral Scholarship Yes Yes No Yes
*Single or shared housing in CEU's Residence Center is offered to most candidates.

In addition to its financial aid, CEU rewards academic excellence of its current students through various research grants and achievement awards.

The CEU Business School website provides details on its financial aid policy, which differs from that of the rest of CEU.

Students interested in applying for CEU financial aid must complete the Financial Aid section of the CEU online application form.

You may also want to download the Scholarships, Awards and Loan brochure 2016/17 outlining financial aid opportunities.