Calls for Proposals

Call for Participation in Student-led CEU Inclusive Project

The CEU Inclusive Project is organized by the CEU Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) in coordination with other CEU offices and bodies. The project is geared towards strengthening the accessibility of CEU facilities for students and staff with disabilities. To this end, ASRs are carrying out an audit of physical accessibility of CEU premises and the residence center from a user-based perspective.

CEU Summer University Calls for Course Proposals for 2018

February 28, 2017

CEU Summer University invites innovative, research-based and/or policy-oriented course proposals from faculty members at CEU or elsewhere. SUN courses are usually taught by a team of five to seven faculty members representing a wide range of geographical, disciplinary, and institutional backgrounds. The target audience is master’s and PhD students, junior faculty and researchers, and professionals. The program aims to help strengthen CEU’s research capacity and academic network-building efforts.

Call for Proposals for CEU Humanities Initiative

February 28, 2017

The next deadline for submitting proposals for funding by the CEU Humanities Initiative is March 31, 2017. A detailed call and application form is available online on the Humanities Initiative website at:

For information on all supported projects under the Humanities Initiative, visit:

Applications Now Open for Legal Training Program for Journalists, Civil Society Advocates and Media Lawyers in Central and Southeastern Europe

February 24, 2017

The Center for Media, Data, and Society at the School of Public Policy of Central European University, announces an open call for candidates for its certificate-based legal training program for journalists, civil society advocates and media lawyers in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Call for Expression of Interest to the Sound Studies Reading & Listening Group

In recent years there has been an explosion of work on sound by researchers in the social sciences and humanities. Highly interdisciplinary and often undertaken in cooperation with those outside academia, from musicians to professionals, the field of sound studies is increasingly diverse, daring and exciting.