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Invitation and Call for Participation in "Hate Speech" Monologues

February 28, 2017

Members of the CEU community are invited to the fifth yearly performance of the "Hate Speech" Monologues on March 13, Monday at 7 PM in the Nador 15 Auditorium. The performance is open to the public.

As it is a participatory performance, the call for participation is still open, including faculty and staff. To join the performing cast, contact Peter Molnar at petermolnar7@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunity at Bankito Lake Summer Festival

Bankito, Hungary’s biggest socially conscious festival will be held this year July 12-16 with the topic of corruption taking center stage. Those who are interested in social inequalities, have experience in working with vulnerable, oppressed groups or simply have some ideas on how one could convey such issues to the average festival goer in an accessible way, are welcome to volunteer.


- state corruption, politics: „which you look at from afar”

Support CEU Projects with 1% of Personal Income Tax

February 28, 2017

Every year taxpayers in Hungary have the opportunity to designate 1% of their previous year’s (already paid) taxes to an approved charity of their choosing. The CEU community is encouraged to participate in this national philanthropic effort.

Dean of Student's Office Hosts “Közös lábos” Community Cooking Event

Support a local charity organization and try delicious food at the same time at Szimpla Farmer’s Market on Sunday, March 5.

At the ‘Common Cauldron’ Community Cooking event the Dean of Students Office Team will prepare and serve lunch to visitors for a donation that will be given to ‘RÉS’ Social and Cultural Foundation to purchase bean bags for the Temporary Home for Families.

Lunch will be served from 12 noon.

Venue: Szimpla Farmer’s Market/Szimplakerti Háztáji Piac

Meet Janos Gocsman

February 28, 2017

Name: Janos Gocsman

Title: Deputy Director, Human Resources Office (HRO)

Number of years at CEU: 10

Home city/town & country: Budapest, Hungary

What's your favorite Hungarian food?

Pancake with cottage cheese

Whose works of art or design have had the greatest impression on you?

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka