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Where to See Art in Budapest

November 20, 2017

Budapest is a great place to be, if you are into modern or contemporary art. Just find some time in-between writing assignments and reading in the CEU Library, and the city will provide you with a broad spectrum of quality art-experiences with its state-run institutions, rich museums’ collections, private galleries and the vibrant independent scene. 

Showcasing Talent at the CEU Open Mic '17

November 13, 2017

On November 9, the Open Mic took place in the framework of DeStress Days at CEU. The Open Mic, which is an annual event jointly hosted by the CEU Student Union, Alumni Relations Office, the Student Leadership and Service Office, this year was organized by the Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) – me and Fatih. It gathered more than one hundred people – staff, alumni and students – who love art in its various forms.

Where to Find Halal Food in Budapest

October 30, 2017

I was asking my friends studying at CEU about CEU and its social life before I came here. They kept pointing out the ‘diversity’ and the co-existence of ‘different’ cultures in the University. I tried to understand why they kept talking about diversity. Since I started studying at CEU, I’ve seen how amazing diversity at this university really is, and how big a part it has to play in the university culture. Moreover, I’ve realized that I am also from a ‘different’ culture because I have to explain to my friends what ‘halal food’ is when I say, “I only eat halal food.”

Diwali Celebrations at CEU

October 30, 2017

Let there be light, and let there be celebrations!

Being away from home in a new place is thrilling and challenging at the same time. However, the inability to replicate the festive scenario and celebratory vibes in the somewhat alien surroundings at the time of festivities could prove to be disheartening. However, at CEU, where diversity is accommodated and cherished, the South Asian students decided to wash away the blues of missing the festivities by making everyone a part of the Diwali celebrations on October 20, 2017.

Call for CEU Student Space Contributors

Are you a CEU student with something to say about the University? Are you interested in sharing your experience of moving to and finding your way around Budapest, your quest for the quietest spot on campus, your tips on eateries in the neighborhood, or in discussing projects and initiatives you’re involved in?

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