Community News

CEU Annual Report Available Digitally and in Print

March 28, 2017

The 2016 CEU Annual Report is now available. It features the new Roof Garden on the cover, a nod to our new campus, to Budapest, and to the “greenness” of our building. It includes a message from the President and Rector, as well as photo galleries of life at CEU and our 25th anniversary celebrations. It also highlights some of our mission-driven, interdisciplinary teaching and research projects such as the Roma in European Societies Initiative and OLIve as well as the Striking from the Margins research project and the Digital Humanities Initiative.

CEU Library Extends Opening Hours

March 14, 2017

After considerable discussion with the Student Union leadership, University Senate Library Committee, Library Staff, IT Department, and with the support of the Rector, Provost and Dean of Students, the CEU Library is extending its hours on a trial basis to better serve library users. Many factors were considered including: specific requests, current library usage patterns, public transportation schedules in the late evening impacting travel for students and staff, and staffing requirements.

Library Hours from Sat, March 4 through mid-June (addition of 28 hours per month):

Invitation and Call for Participation in "Hate Speech" Monologues

February 28, 2017

Members of the CEU community are invited to the fifth yearly performance of the "Hate Speech" Monologues on March 13, Monday at 7 PM in the Nador 15 Auditorium. The performance is open to the public.

As it is a participatory performance, the call for participation is still open, including faculty and staff. To join the performing cast, contact Peter Molnar at

Volunteer Opportunity at Bankito Lake Summer Festival

Bankito, Hungary’s biggest socially conscious festival will be held this year July 12-16 with the topic of corruption taking center stage. Those who are interested in social inequalities, have experience in working with vulnerable, oppressed groups or simply have some ideas on how one could convey such issues to the average festival goer in an accessible way, are welcome to volunteer.


- state corruption, politics: „which you look at from afar”

Support CEU Projects with 1% of Personal Income Tax

February 28, 2017

Every year taxpayers in Hungary have the opportunity to designate 1% of their previous year’s (already paid) taxes to an approved charity of their choosing. The CEU community is encouraged to participate in this national philanthropic effort.