Faculty-Published Books

European Regions and Boundaries: A Conceptual History

Edited by Diana Mishkova, director of the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, and Balazs Trencsenyi, professor in the Department of History at CEU, this volume is the first to provide a synthetic account of the historically constructed concepts of constitutive regions of Europe and the historical and intellectual contexts in which they emerged.

Practices of Coexistence: Constructions of the Other in Early Modern Perceptions

Edited by Marianna D. Birnbaum, research professor at UCLA, and Marcell Sebok, assistant professor in the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU. 

Hennings Publishes Russia and Courtly Europe: Ritual and the Culture of Diplomacy, 1648–1725

In this new book on early modern diplomacy, Jan Hennings, assistant professor in the Department of History at CEU, explores the relationship between European powers and Russia beyond the conventional East–West divide from the Peace of Westphalia to the reign of Peter the Great.

Blinken OSA Research Fellow and CEU Alumna Sarkisova Publishes "Screening Soviet Nationalities"

"Screening Soviet Nationalities: Kulturfilms from the Far North to Central Asia" (I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2017), by Blinken OSA Research Fellow and CEU alumna (HIST) explores how filmmakers sought to create a cinematic map of the new state by portraying its land and peoples on screen i

CEU Faculty, Alumnus Present Books on Jewish History

Three CEU professors and an alumnus presented recently published books dealing with various aspects of Jewish history at a book launch December 6 hosted by the Jewish Studies Program at CEU.