Transform Concern for Society into Opportunity, ERSTE Foundation’s Prueller Says

December 6, 2017

In today’s world, where there is shrinking space for civil society, young people can transform their concern into opportunities to enable change, according to Franz-Karl Prueller, senior advisor to the board at ERSTE Foundation, a longtime partner of CEU. Prueller addressed the CEU community Nov. 29 in a talk entitled “Advancing Civil Society and Social Innovation in Central Europe: Lessons in Social Investing from the ERSTE Foundation,” as part of CEU’s Philanthropy Week 2017.

CEU Students Find New Ways to Fundraise

November 9, 2017

Seven Alumni Scholarship Recipients took action to make a difference and get some hands-on experience in giving back, by forming CEU’s first Student Philanthropy Council. The council’s mission is simple: find new and fun ways to raise funds and educate the community about the importance of philanthropy.

CEU Homeless Project Appeal for Donations

Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi, director of Admissions at CEU, started her campaign for homeless people in 2009, when Budapest shelters ran out of funds and couldn’t provide food for the homeless. “Families were encouraged to cook for people in need. After doing so for a while at home, I shared the call with the CEU community, and we repeat the drive every year,” Jaszberenyi says.

CEU Launches Philanthropy Week

November 7, 2017

CEU is launching Philanthropy Week, to celebrate what we’ve been given and to raise awareness of the importance of giving back. There will be plenty of ways to get involved, in Budapest, worldwide and online during the week of November 27 to December 1, including:



Best of the Mirabaud Media Lab: A Special Screening for CEU Trustees

The CEU Board of Trustees were treated to a special screening of documentary films by CEU students on June 24. The "Best of the Mirabaud Media Lab" event was a highlight in an intense weekend and an opportunity to engage directly with students and a new initiative at CEU.