Student Stories

DeStress Days at CEU 2017

Victoria-Maxine Haburka Elected New Student Union President

October 24, 2017

The 2017 Electoral Committee at CEU announced the results of the 2017 Student Union Elections. The results are:

SU President

Victoria-Maxine Haburka (MA student in the Department of International Relations)

SU Vice-President

Paul Hickey (MA student in the Department of Political Science

SU Treasurer

Julian Schneider (MA student in the Nationalism Studies Program) 

SU Secretary

CEU Students Talk to Nepszava about Lex CEU

Read below the translation of the article published in Hungarian daily Nepszava on October 19, 2017. For the original text (in Hungarian) see

CEU will survive one way or the other

Students don’t remain silent: some are shocked, some are angered by the government’s behavior. We asked students in Budapest about lex CEU.