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Peto on Gender Studies, Women's Rights in Erdely Online

Professor Andrea Peto of the Department of Gender Studies speaks on the importance of gender studies programs in university and research on women's issues, and comments on the status of women's rights, in Erdely Online. The interview took place following a talk Peto gave at the Ady Endre Liceum in Oradea, Romania as part of the Szacskay Akademia "Everyday History" program.


Hungarian RTL Klub Features Peto and Urge-Vorsatz Among Hungarian Women to be Proud of

In its report about women Hungary can be proud of, Hungarian commercial television RTL Klub’s Fokusz program interviewed Andrea Peto, professor at CEU’s Department of Gender Studies, about the history of international women’s day. The report also features Diana Urge-Vorsatz, professor at CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy.

Bogel on the Importance of Analyzing Data

http://www.digitalhungary.hu/e-volution/Gagyi-mami-es-a-drogosok-avagy-mit-tudnak-meg-100-lajkbol/4009/ - Hungarian news portal digitalhungary.hu reports: Gyorgy Bogel, professor at CEU’s Business School participated at the Evolution Conference, where he talked about the importance of analyzing data in creating successful businesses and marketing campaigns.

Bekes Explains Differences in Statistics for Import and Export Numbers in EU Countries

http://index.hu/gazdasag/2017/03/03/gdp_kulkereskedelem_tukorstatisztika_maximilian_gebhardt - Hungarian news portal index.hu reports: Gabor Bekes, visiting faculty at CEU’s Department of Economics in an article about how import and export figures are calculated in different EU countries explains the reasons for the difference in numbers.

Further coverage item:

Magyar Nemzet (3.4.2017.p.7. Hianyoznak a vamok a statisztikaban)

Koren Comments on the Reality of Hungarian Export Expansion to the East

http://index.hu/gazdasag/2017/03/03/orban_export_kelet/ - Hungarian news portal index.hu reports: Miklos Koren, associate professor at CEU’s Department of Economics gave expert commentary on the Hungarian Prime Minister’s vision to export one third of Hungary’s products to Eastern countries. Koren pointed out that 80% of those companies that can export have foreign ownership, therefore it is them who decide about the direction of export of their products.