CEU in the International Media

London University Offers Free Course Just For Refugees and Asylum Seekers

February 24, 2017

Thanks to a €440,000 Erasmus+ grant, CEU's Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) partnered with the University of East London (UEL) and the University of Vienna (UV) to establish courses for asylum seekers and refugees in the UK and Austria. This article in the Independent outlines the UEL program. 

Struggle Over Aleppo's Story Takes to the Skies

February 23, 2017

Al Hakam Shaar of the Shattuck Center on Conflict Negotiation and Recovery (CCNR) and former CEU Professor Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick (now a professor at the University of San Diego) wrote an opinion piece in Al Jazeera on drone usage in Aleppo. They highlight citizens using drones to document damage and refute the Assad regime's version of events during the civil war. 

Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds

February 23, 2017

Research from the book "The Enigma of Reason," authored by CEU University Professor of Cognitive Science Dan Sperber and Hugo Mercier, is featured in The New Yorker. 


The 22 best universities outside the developed world

February 14, 2017

CEU is ranked #16 in the Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies University Rankings 2017, as reported here by Business Insider.