CEU Student, Alumna Hayrapetyan Wins Best Paper Award from the Society of Armenian Studies

Piruza Hayrapetyan, currently a PhD candidate at CEU's Department of Medieval Studies after receiving her MA at the department in 2015, received the best conference paper award from the Society of Armenian Studies. Hayrapetyan’s paper addressed the literary context of Ganjs, Armenian hymns dedicated to church feasts and saints that were recited and sung in the Armenian Divine Office. Hayrapetyan is also an exchange fellow at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Vienna.

Professional Journalism Will Survive the Post-Truth Era, Schudson Says

January 30, 2018

“If a lecture is titled in the form of a question, it’s fair from you to expect that somewhere along the way I will answer the question,”, professor Michael Schudson said in the opening of his public lecture “Can There Be Professional Journalism Post-Truth, Post-Trump, Post-Twitter?”, which was the inaugural session for a new university-wide course under the Intellectual Themes Initiative called “Journalism and Social Change in

CEU Celebrates Diversity

January 30, 2018

CEU's annual International Cultural Festival, hosted by the Student Union, took place on January 27 with a celebration of the colorful cultures represented in our community of students from almost 100 countries.

CEU Intercultural Festival

CEU Library and Partners Host Open Science Conference

January 29, 2018

What effect does open science have on academic competition? Who really pays for open access to the scholarly literature?  What ethical considerations are there to open data sharing?  These were just some of the questions debated at a November 22 conference held at CEU on the challenges and opportunities of open science.

SPP Alumna Ajder Wins Prestigious Finberg Fellowship at Human Rights Watch

January 29, 2018

SPP Alumna Corina Ajder won this year's Alan R. and Barbara D. Finberg Fellowship at Human Rights Watch (HRW). Established in memory of the Finbergs, early supporters of HRW, this fellowship is open to recent graduates (at the master's level) in the fields of law, journalism, international relations, area studies, or other relevant disciplines from universities worldwide. Ajder, who graduated in 2016, is the first CEU recipient of the prestigious fellowship.