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/ 2017-2018

The Department of History at Central European University offers students interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on Eastern, Central and Western Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, Central Asia, and the Middle East. The department has gained a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence in comparative and transnational history. It is recognized for its innovative directions in research, teaching, and theoretical reflection. The international faculty offers a wide range of expertise, extending from the history of the Habsburg, Romanov, and Ottoman Empires to study of totalitarian regimes in the 20th century; from religious studies to numerous aspects of cultural, intellectual, and social history.

Programs offered

  • Master of Arts in Comparative History (1 year)
  • Master of Arts in Comparative History: From 1500 to Present Time (2 years)
  • Master of Arts in European Women’s and Gender History (MATILDA) (2 years)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative History

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