CEU in the Hungarian Media

Barabasi Awarded Gabor Denes Prize for Innovation

January 3, 2017

https://itcafe.hu/hir/barabasi_gabor_denes.html - Hungarian news portal itcafe.hu reports: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, visiting professor at CEU’s Center for Network Science and the Department of Economics, was awarded the Gabor Denes Prize, an honor presented each year to Hungarian scientists who have demonstrated extraordinary innovation.

Ignatieff Speaks on Brexit, Trump, Soros on hvg.hu

Hungarian news site hvg.hu published an interview with CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff on January 2, 2107.

Economics PhD Student Baksa Comments on Hungarian Economy in 2016

December 30, 2016

http://index.hu/gazdasag/2016/12/30/ev_chartja_grafikon_2016_valogatas_legjobb_kozgazdasz_elemzo/ - Hungarian news portal index.hu asked several economists and analysts to share facts about Hungary’s 2016 economic performance they find most important.

CEU Business School MBA Students Run Successful Vegan Firm

December 29, 2016

Hungarian weekly Forbes published an article about Hungarian companies specializing in producing and distributing vegan food and dietary supplements. Tamas Nagy and Marci Olah, students at the CEU Business School Innovations Lab, were also interviewed. Nagy and Olah founded their company Absorice in 2012, and have been developing their products and business with great success.

Haraszti Publishes on Populism in Washington Post

December 29, 2016

http://infovilag.hu/hir-36196-magyar_demokracia_ot_ev_alatt_alakult_at.html - Hungarian news portal infovilag.hu reports: Miklos Haraszti, visiting professor and director of Research on Human Rights at the Center for European Neighborhood Studies, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post about the rise of populism.