CEU in the International Media

19 Prominent German Academics Call on EU to Defend CEU

Prominent German academics, writing in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, called on European governments and the European Commission to intervene to ensure CEU can continue to operate in Budapest without curbs on its academic freedom. 

"Europe must intervene now: academics call on European governments and the EU commission to save Central European University as a place of diversity of opinion," they wrote.

Botstein, Christ, Cole in Washington Post Op-Ed on CEU

Leon Botstein, Bard College President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CEU, and Trustees Carol Christ, chancellor-elect of the University of California at Berkeley, and Jonathan Cole, former Provost of Columbia University, write in support of CEU in this op-ed in the Washington Post. 

Lepenies Writes Opinion Piece on CEU in Welt

Renowned sociologist and political scientist Dr. Wolf Lepenies, former Rector of the Berlin IAS, published an opinion piece in Die Welt. https://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article163327311/Fuer-Viktor-Orban-ist-George-Soros-Staatsfeind-Nr-1.html