CEU in the International Media

Poland: A Country Without a Constitution

CEU's Maciej Kisilowski writes in the EU Observer how Poland's PiS party has strategically taken over the constitutional court. 


CENS' Haraszti Writes Op-Ed on Populism in Washington Post

Miklos Haraszti, Visiting Professor at CEU and Director of Research on Human Rights at the Center for European Neighborhood Studies, published this opinion piece in the Washington Post about the rise of populism.


How Eastern Europe Blew Up the West

December 30, 2016

Maciej Kisilowski, CEU associate professor of law and public management, writes in this opinion piece about the Eastern European rise of "illiberal democracy" and how that affected the West. This piece was originally posted on Project Syndicate. 


CMDS' Dragomir Cited in Financial Times on Fake News Phenomenon

Marius Dragomir, Director of the Center for Media, Data, and Society at CEU's School of Public Policy, was quoted in the Financial Times' article on the booming fake news industry in Macedonia, where a town called Veles hosts more than a hundred US politics sites that produce hoax news. Click here for more. 

CEU's Erin Jenne Talks US Election Aftermath on Digi 24's "Diplomatic Passport"

November 25, 2016

CEU Professor Erin Kristin Jenne talks about the results of the 2016 U.S. election on Digi 24 Romania's "Diplomatic Passport" show. The interview is in English with Romanian subtitles