Awards and Distinctions

First-year and Advanced Doctoral Students Win Academic Awards

CEU's University Doctoral Committee has announced the winners of the Award for Advanced Doctoral Students, rewarding outstanding student research, and the Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students, rewarding outstanding performance in coursework and comprehensive exams. A list of the winners and their departments follows. For more information about the awards, see

Gereby Delivers Isaiah Berlin Lectures at Oxford

February 3, 2018

Gyorgy Gereby, associate professor in CEU's Department of Medieval Studies, is delivering the Isaiah Berlin Lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford this semester as part of the Isaiah Berlin Visiting Professorship, which brings leading scholars in the history of philosophy or history of ideas to Oxford.

CEU Press's The Last Superpower Summits Named Outstanding Academic Title for 2017

CEU Press's 2016 publication, "The Last Superpower Summits. Gorbachev, Reagan, and Bush. Conversations that Ended the Cold War," has been selected by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2017.

Call for Nominations for the CEU Award for Outstanding Research

The CEU Award for Outstanding Research was founded to recognize outstanding research by CEU faculty that has significant international impact.

Nominations should be sent to in electronic format by Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Call for Nominations for the CEU Distinguished Teaching Award

The CEU Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes CEU faculty members for promoting high standards of teaching, linked with the mission and institutional ambitions of CEU. The Award not only underscores CEU's long-standing commitment to excellence in teaching, but also provides an opportunity for students and alumni to acknowledge teaching at CEU that has had a special impact on their academic work and lives.

The Award will be presented at the CEU Opening Ceremony in September 2018.