Faculty-Published Books

Patterns of Women's Movement State Engagement Key to Gender Equality Sensitive Policies, Krizsan Writes

The Gender Politics of Domestic Violence. Feminist Engaging the State in Central and Eastern Europe by Andrea Krizsan, research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies and adjunct faculty at the School of Public Policy at CEU, and Conny Roggeband, assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, has been published by Routledge.

'Pagans and Christians' Book Co-Edited by CEU's Saghy Launched at University of Pecs

The book "Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches," edited by Marianne Saghy, associate professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU and Edward Schoolman of the University of Nevada, Reno, was launched at an event at the University of Pecs November 20. The book was published by CEU Press as part of the Medievalia series.

Pap Publishes Monograph on Democratic Decline in Hungary

In a new monograph published by Routledge, Andras Laszlo Pap, recurrent visiting professor in the Nationalism Studies Program at CEU, shows the rise and morphology of a self-identified `illiberal democracy’, the first 221st-centuryilliberal political regime arising in the European Union. Since 2010, Viktor Orban’s governments in Hungary have convincingly offered an anti-modernist and anti-cosmopolitan/anti-European Unionist rhetoric, discourse and constitutional identity to challenge neo-liberal democracy.

Pogonyi Publishes Extra-Territorial Ethnic Politics, Discourses and Identities in Hungary

In "Extra-Territorial Ethnic Politics, Discourses and Identities in Hungary", Szabolcs Pogonyi, associate professor in the Nationalism Studies Program at CEU, explores the causes and consequences of the discursive and legal construction of the Hungarian transborder nation through the institutionalization of non-resident citizenship and voting. Through the in-depth analysis of Hungarian transborder and diaspora politics, this book investigates how the political engagement of non-resident Hungarians impacts inter- and intra-state ethnic relations.

Peto Publishes Gender: War

Part of the Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks series on gender studies, Gender: War, edited by Professor Andrea Peto of CEU's Department of Gender Studies, examines war through the discipline of gender and sexuality studies. Containing 24 chapters, the volume demonstrates that bodies and other allegedly passive material/other allegedly passive objects have a history and also agency.