CEU mourns the passing of Janos Kornai, a former CEU professor and Open Society Prize recipient.

Hosted by CEU President and Rector Shalini Randeria, the podcast continues its third season with guest Avrum Burg.

Major journalism collaboration, the Pandora Papers, organized by ICIJ, reveals the inner workings of a shadow economy.

The Presidential Scholars Fund was established by Michael Ignatieff and Zsuzsanna Zsohar.

New research by Barbu Revencu and Gergely Csibra finds babies can differentiate physical and virtual world at 19 months of age.

Project conducted by Federico Battiston with Iacopo Iacopini and Tiago Peixoto.

A growing number of students and (post)doctoral researchers across the alliance are benefitting from the newly launched programs and offers.

Choose from 50 degree programs offered in 15 academic areas and begin your application today.

Events Highlights

Iveta Silova (Arizona State Univ.), Thaddeus Metz (Univ. of Pretoria), Albena Azmanova (Univ. of Kent), Michael Esfeld (Univ. of Lausanne), Shalini Randeira (CEU), Tarun Weeramanthri (Univ. of Western Australia)
Monika Betzler (Ludwig Maximilian Universität), Michael Cholbi (University of Edinburgh), Pablo Hubacher Haerle (University of Cambridge), Yuliya Kanygina (University of Gothenburg/CEU), Thaddeus Metz (University of Pretoria), Daniel Muñoz (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ), Nathaniel Baron-Schmitt (Freie Universität Berlin), Connie Rosati (University of Texas at Austin), Janis David Schaab (University of Groningen), Paul Schofield (Bates College), Angela Sun (University of Michigan)
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