Safe Access of CEU Premises

Before entering CEU premises 

We are committed to the health of the entire CEU community, hence we continue to advise you to stay home and work remotely, unless it is absolutely necessary for you come to the CEU premises. Please explore online and other alternatives to avoid physically entering the site.

If you must enter the campus, you must adhere to the following at all times: 

  • Preventative health protection measures include mandatory temperature checks of everyone before entering CEU premises. Entry will be denied for those whose temperature exceeds 37.8 C degrees as determined by the National Chief Medical Officer
  • Within the Nador complex entrance continues to be limited to N15.
  • Entry is allowed in mask only. Mask required in common areas, classrooms - faculty teaching a class are exempt if they so desire.
  • CEU Students, Faculty (including visiting), Researchers, Staff, Affiliates and Alumni with a valid CEU ID card can access the university via the security desks.
  • Library External Members are asked check the Library’s website here for further information on entry rules.
  • Visitors of faculty and staff can access the campus by registrtion only. Externals participating in research accompanied by a CEU lab member may enter with an appointment or based on a pre-agreed schedule (see details below) Please see general COVID-guidelines for registered visitors in Annex
  • Externals conducting online events, participating at trainings, exams, or other external associates who provide services to CEU can enter based on pre-arranged timing and are subject to following all hygiene protocols and social distancing measures while on campus. If you have any queriesplease contact Events and Space Management unit at

To make it easy to remember, think “MASK”:

  • Maintain 1 meter distance
  • Avoid sharing objects
  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Keep hygiene protocols (cough to elbow, wash hands, carry a sanitizer with you)

Accessing the premises

Anyone entering the campus, is expected to adhere to all special measures detailed in this protocol and on the information, posters displayed in prominent locations around the building.

Campus security personnel are authorized to check compliance and to remove anyone found contravening regulations.
To minimize interpersonal contact, departments / units that have administrative open hours for students and employees are advised to do so by providing online appointments.

General access information:


Access Parameters

Computer labs

Usage is advised only if no other option is available, following the guidelines below for computer lab use.

ILab, Somby Lab, Baby Lab

Limited access based on specific protocols

PhD Labs

Limited access, depending on department schedules and following guidelines below for shared office use

Library Computer labs, Co-labs

Remain closed until further notice

CEU Library

CEU Library Budapest is to move to 12-4pm online services and book pickup-only. The Reading Halls will be closed until further notice. Updates to current services are posted on the Library website

Vera And Donald Blinken Open Society Archives

Research room is closed until further notice. Entry to the building only by prior arrangement.

New Exhibition in Galeria Centralis
Closed until further notice!

Medical Center

& Student Record Office

Access by appointment only, following an initial phone consultation: +36-1-327-3815.

The Medical Center is open for pre-agreed appointments as indicated on the below website:

The Student Record Office is open on Thursday 11.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m., by booking an appointment through CEU's online booking system.

Access to buildings (requires valid CEU ID card):

  • Nádor u. 15 is designated as the sole Nádor entrance (opening times: 8am – 7pm)
  • Nádor u. 9 and 11 are both closed
  • Arany Janos u. 34 (OSA): Closed until further notice, entry is possible by appointment
  • Zrinyi u. 14 is open between 8am – 6pm
  • Oktober 6. u. 12 is open between 8am – 6pm
  • Jozsef Attila u. 24 and Oktober 6. u. 7 are open between 8am – 10pm

Upon entering any CEU building, with the exception of Nádor 15, all must sign in/sign out so that Security can keep track of who is in the building at all times.

Campus Hygiene

  • Please use the disinfectant mat at the entrance.
  • Face cover (mask) is mandatory for admittance to CEU premises.
  • Use the hand sanitizers on site and to wash your hands regularly—following the posted guidelines—in the washrooms.
  • When touching commonly used surfaces, e.g.: kitchen, elevator, doorknobs, we expect that you wash your hands frequently, avoid touching own face, cough/sneeze in your shoulders or elbows (not in hands).
  • Certain common office equipment is removed to reduce contact: e.g., cutlery, sponges for washing up – read more on this in a later section on “Kitchen”. Please bring such items with you if you need them and do not leave them in shared spaces

Please note that anyone coming to campus is expected to provide their own gloves and masks and will be provided with spare ones only as an exceptional measure in case they forget to bring one. If we monitor the misuse of this spare option by individuals, we will consider charging a small price for these masks.

All members of the community entering the campus must bring and use their own masks (and, where appropriate, plastic gloves) and keep their workstations clean.