Conferences, co-organized events, and open-to-public events are not allowed on site. These events are recommended to be held online.

We advise against on-site internal CEU events, too. Where there is no other alternative, hold gatherings in bigger spaces with windows, ensuring that all attendees always maintain a distance of 2-meter and wear face masks. Make sure to plan the shortest possible timeframe for the event, use hand sanitizers and avoid sharing pens and other objects. No self-service catering is allowed unless food and drinks are prepacked. So again, wear a mask and think "MASK":

  • Maintain 2-meter distance
  • Avoid sharing objects
  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Keep hygiene protocols (cough to elbow, wash hands, carry a sanitizer with you)

CEU community members can publish events, either online or otherwise via "Online Event" is available as an option under type of event.