CEU’s Pandemic Response Structure

Responsibilities - preventing, controlling and providing the necessary materials

The following follows the recommendations of the Austrian Ministry of Education (as formulated in the "Hygiene handbook for Covid-19, Part 2: Recommendations of the BMBWF for protection against Covid-19 infection in universities and higher education institutions,"published in 2020, in Vienna).

The prevention of Covid-19 across CEU units (KEE, CEU PU, OktSzolg) is managed by the Pandemic Leadership Team (PLT), joint team comprising representatives from the Hungarian and Austrian CEU entities.

Main roles and responsibilities

Role/Responsibility Responsible
Approves protocols, policies and proposals from Emergency Response Teams (ERT). Releases key communication Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
Develop COVID-19 protocols and policies, plan for continuity Pandemic Policies and Protocols Lead (PPP Lead)
Provides regular status updates to SLT PPP Lead
Monitor Hungarian and Austrian COVID-19 trends and country regulations PPP Lead ERT Leads
Leads local operative responses to COVID-19 alerts and emergencies ERT Leads
Ensures all COVID-19 alerts, queries and concerns are received and acted upon. Manages covidinfo@ceu.edu. Assesses the risks and develops mitigating actions Pandemic Working Group (PWG)
Organizes and monitors the quarantine of students. Provides support for faculty and staff in quarantine PWG
Drafts updates to CEU community on pandemic developments PWG
Publishes updates and medical advices to the whole community Communication
Defines and implements required hygiene measures within the Library Library
Plans, designs and implements preventive actions, e.g. signage, marks on entrance and staircases, installation of disinfection equipment, insures visibility and access to communication, etc. Facilities
Medical advisory to PLT

Dr. Monika Horvath
Dr. Johanna Kropej

Composition of the CEU Pandemic Leadership Team

CEU Pandemic Response

Meeting regularly, the PLT acts as a prevention and control committee (as recommended by the Ministry of Education), recommending decisions, policy changes and measures to theSenior Leadership Team (SLT). Following SLT’s decision/approval, measures areimplemented by the appropriate unit(s). Implementation is monitored and reported back to SLT by the PLT.

One of the major outputs of the PLT are the COVID-19 Campus Protocols—issued separately for each campus (including student housing in given city)—that serve as the operating plan for prevention and control.