Austrian COVID-19 Risk Management

For your reference, please see below the four phases of pandemic response, currently in use in Austria:

Risk Phases

  • Phase 1 (green): low risk, normal mode of operations, general Covid-19 awareness, alertness, and news monitoring in place. Classes are held onsite; standard services are available.
  • Phase 2 (amber): moderate/medium risk, heightened state of alert, general Covid-19 regulations in place, face masks are required for specified areas. Teaching is characterized by a hybrid operation, with on-site as well as online learning.
  • Phase 3 (orange): high risk, strict safety regulations, group sizes reduced to a minimum, face masks required for all areas. Teaching is characterized by a hybrid mode, with fewer operations on-site and most teaching offered online.
  • Phase 4 (red): very high risk, last in use during Spring 2020. Face masks are required everywhere. Teaching is characterized by distance operations, all classes move online as much as possible, only critical infrastructure and services are available.

Please be aware that phases may be upgraded/downgraded at very short notice. PLT monitors Austrian communication and will relay any changes as swiftly as possible.