What To Do in Case of Symptoms or Confirmed Positive Cases

If it turns out that you were in close touch with any person (e.g., friends, family members) tested COVID-19 positive in the last 14 days, do not enter the campus. Immediately go into self-quarantine for 10 days, or until you receive the negative result of a test. Inform covidinfo@ceu.edu and your supervisor, if you are employee, or the Dean of Students Office if a student.

Should you observe any of the following: any form of acute respiratory infection (with or without fever) with at least one of the following symptoms for which there is no other plausible cause: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, respiratory catarrh, sudden loss of taste / smell or muscle pain, do not enter the campus:

  1. Stay at home and call directly the Austrian COVID-19 hotline 1450. This is mandatory by Austrian regulations! They will then take care of you, including testing you for COVID-19, should a test be required. Stay at home while waiting for the result of the test.
  2. After step 1. you should inform covidinfo@ceu.edu. In addition, employees should inform their supervisor, students should inform the Dean of Students Office that they were seeking help.

In case you are tested COVID-19 positive, beside letting the covidinfo@ceu.edu know immediately, inform your supervisor if an employee or the Dean of Students Office if you are a student. Immediately go into self-quarantine for 10 days or until the authorities specify it. Prepare a contact list of persons with whom you were in contact in the last two weeks. Please send this list to covidinfo@ceu.edu and if you are an employee, submit it to your supervisor or if you are a student, the Dean of Students Office for follow-up and contact tracing.

Test Financing

  • Faculty, staff and students are expected to self-finance their tests performed at own initiative.
  • Tests required by the Austrian COVID-19 authority due to medical necessity are covered for everybody: by Austrian public insurance for employees and by FeelSafe or other insurance for students.
  • CEU covers the costs of COVID-19 tests only for faculty and staff becoming in contact persons with high-risk exposure, i.e.:
    1. who had direct physical contact with a confirmed case,
    2. who had cumulative face-to-face contact with a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more at a distance of ≤2 meters (e.g.: household contacts),
    3. who are in the same room with a confirmed case at a distance of ≤2 meters for 15 minutes or stayed longer.

Made available by the City of Vienna, from Monday to Friday, 6:00am to 9pm, you can now be tested for free at:

  • Testline Donauinsel (regardless whether you have or not symptoms)

    Please note that this location is a huge parking lot on Floridsdorfer Brücke.
    The lab is open for individuals with symptoms. Please call 1450 prior to your visit (note that delays have been reported with this number as the service is under significant pressure). Please bring your Vienna Meldezettel and eCard (health insurance) with you. Should you have symptoms, please travel to Donauinsel by private car, not by public transport. Also, please do not eat or gargle/clean your teeth two hours prior to your test, as this can give rise to unclear or incorrect results.

  • Ernst-Happel-Stadion at Meiereistraße 7, 1020 Vienna (Vienna Football Stadium). Please select this lab, if you do not have symptoms and your main residence is in Vienna.

In order to visit any of these labs, please make sure you take: 

  • a photo ID (passport or driver's license)
  • a pen (to fill out paperwork)
  • a mask (if you walk through)
  • your registration form (~ Meldezettel) for your main residence and
  • your social security number (or your e-card) with you, in case of students, the FeelSafe/Uniqa insurance information/card is needed.