Initiatives and Projects

invitation to open lecture

Bhutan: the Land of Gross National Happiness in Transition from Feudalism to 21th Century Modernity 

by Zoltan Valcsicsak, president, Hungary-Buthan friendship society

Time: Monday, 13th March 5.00PM

Location: N9, Popper Room

Bhutan is a Buddhist constitutional monarchy in the Himalayas where a young king in the 1970s declared to follow Gross National Happiness (GNH) as his enlightened leadership policy. Since then, modernity and globalization have benefited Bhutan in many ways, but also created unprecedented changes in the tiny country challenging traditional values and society. Zoltan will take the audience on a fascinating journey in time and space discovering the remote country's hidden faces through personal stories and beautiful pictures and videos. Come and discover many treasures of Bhutan hidden high in the mountains: from centuries-old Buddhist monasteries to phallus-decorated village houses, from endangered elusive species to colorful mask dancers, from traditional ceremonies to emerging rock bands, from GDP to GNH. 

Theme: Helping the Homeless

Charity Brunch

In cooperation with the Budapest Bike Maffia, CEU students, faculty and staff distribute food to the Budapest homeless population.

Project owner: Dean of Students Office
Contact person: Chrys Margaritidis

CEU Care for the homeless

A group of students, staff, faculty from CEU who have been helping the homeless since March 2011. Volunteers are welcome to join the group to visit homeless people on a regular basis, and creative ideas on how to support them are also welcome. Members of the group are careful not to stigmatize the people receiving help since everyone has the right to live lives with dignity, even a homeless person. Shelters visited to date include: Oltalom Charity Society Headquarters, Golgota Homeless Ministry Hungary and the Franciscan Sisters of Charity.

Contact person: Tanja Manners

Cooking for Homeless People

This initiative provides weekly food donations to the residents of the Menhely Foundation.

Contact: Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi

Clothing Swap and Homeless Charity Event

This initiative aims to help the CEU community exchange garments, sporting goods, books, etc. which are still in good condition, but no longer wanted. There is a four- to six- hour time frame for people to drop off their goods and get tokens in return to spend on other people’s goods. The rule is that people can take as many items as they brought and the remaining items are donated to charity.

Contact: Agnes Makary

MyBudapest Photo Project

The latest initiative of Budapest Bike Maffia in cooperation with Cafe Art is aiming to draw attention to the problem of homelessness through art. Members of the CEU community are also participating in the project. 

The organizers bought 100 pieces Quicksnap disposable cameras with the help of FUJIFILM Hungary Ltd., and asked homeless persons to capture  Budapest the way they see it. The best pictures will be chosen by a professional jury and exhibited in Budapest Pont (public and cultural space) on 30 August. Based on a public vote the best 12+1 photos will be printed as a calendar - My Budapest. 2017. 

As the aim of this Project harmonizes with the Open Society Mission, organizers welcome more members in their team from the CEU Community.

More information:

Contact: Bernadett Fekete,,

Theme: Mentoring & Preparation Programs

English Tutoring Program for Dr. Ambedkar School students 

The main goal of the project is tutoring Roma senior high school pupils to learn english and to prepare and help enable them to apply for further studies. 

The program is initiated by the Department of Mathematics and supported by Civic Engagement Office, Roma Access Program and HRSI. 

Contact: Karoly Boroczky, head of the Department of Mathematics


I. Vegetable collection and distribution 

Since 2015, volunteers have been spending their Thursday afternoons collecting fruit and vegetable donations in the market of Wekerletelep. After collecting the donations, volunteers bring them to their partner families in the community. 

II. Saturday school kids mentoring 

Saturday school kids mentoringEvery weekend, eight children from different partner families spend an afternoon of fun with volunteers. Tutors don't need to know how to speak Hungarian, and English is taught using games and other interactive activities. The  goals of the program include improving the kids' self-confidence and their social skills. This creates a cheerful, positive, and accepting space for the children in the community.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us at