Science Shop

What is Science Shop?

Science Shop is a facility that provides independent participatory research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society. It is a demand-driven and bottom-up approach to research. Science Shop is not a "shop" in the traditional sense of the word. It is a small entity that implements scientific research in a wide range of disciplines – usually free of charge and – on behalf of citizens and local civil society. It works with community organizations who need research and with students who need to carry out a project as part of their degree, seeking to make a match between the two. Any community or voluntary sector organization can use the services.

By responding to civil society needs and bridging the gap between academic disciplines and practice through solving real life problems Science Shop distinguishes itself from the traditional knowledge transfer mechanisms.

How does Science Shop work?

Science Shop accepts applications from Hungarian civil society groups for research. Organizations are welcome to send questions, research or information needs to Science Shop. When an organization submits its need to Science Shop our staff will work with the organization to shape the question or information needs into research question(s). We will be happy to talk through the research process and help design the project.

Once a project has been discussed and the research question(s) formulated, it is placed on the Science Shop database and advertised to students across the university schools and departments. It is important that students choose a project that is meaningful to them so the Science Shop cannot guarantee that a student will take on the project within a given timeframe. However, we will keep the project in the Science Shop database unless the organization informs us that it no longer needs the information.

If a student is interested in the project, Science Shop staff will contact the organization. A meeting will be arranged between them, the student and one of our staff to discuss the scope of the project, what needs to be done, what methods will be used and how long it will take. After agreeing on these details an agreement will be concluded between the organization and the student and the research is carried out.

If interested in learning more about the current call for proposals for civil society organizations, click here.