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CEU aims to link more and more organizations with volunteers from the CEU community. Are you looking for volunteers? Are you a volunteer looking for opportunities? Use the forms below to submit interest.

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  •  Urban Gardening and Spanish/English Language Exchange Volunteer Day at the Maria Garden
  • Application deadline: Closed 

We would like to extend the opportunity to you to help volunteer in a local school garden at the Göllner Maria Regional Waldorf High School in Budapest’s 4th District.

When:Saturday, March 25th 10:00am-14:00pm (meeting time, 9:00am at CEU, Nador 15 Lobby)

The local high school which specializes in integrating environmental education into its coursework, has initiated their own urban gardening project which aides in developing practical gardening skills in students and school community members. This spring kick-off event is organized as a practical volunteer day in their community garden, and also an opportunity for their students to participate in a Spanish and English language exchange while working side by side in the garden with CEU volunteers. We would like invite native Spanish speaking and English speaking members of our community to take part in this event, get their hands dirty, and have a fulfilling day working with the Maria Regional Waldorf school team. Gardening activities will take place from 10:00am to the early afternoon, and all volunteer will be provided with a lunch served by the Gödollye Social Cooking Cooperative.

Please register to participate by sending an email to StrenchockL@ceu.edu and indicated your preferred language group for the workday. We aim to gather a team of 10-15 volunteers for this opportunity.

  • Bator Tabor: A camp for seriously ill children

Bator Tabor, (http://batortabor.hu/en) a prestigious Hungarian initiative, is organizing its annual summer camp for seriously ill children. Every year, more than 950 volunteers join the recreation camps. This year is the third time that Bator Tabor is opening its doors to English-speaking volunteers in one of their summer sessions.

Sign up by e-mailing György Vigyikan at gy.vigyikan@batortabor.hu

Application deadline: Closed 

  • "A Club" project at Bajza street elementary school 

Help kids improve their English skills through games and fun activities. The club is led by volunteers from abroad who DO NOT speak Hungarian. The presence of foreign volunteers encourages the students to practice their English through interactive activities. The school will also offer free training to help volunteers improve their facilitation skills, especially with kids. 

Sign up by e-mailing Flora Laszlo at civicengagement@ceu.edu 

Application deadline: Ongoing 

  • Data collection - Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation 

They're looking for HUNGARIAN-speaking volunteers to help them with data collection (interviews with kids) and analysis. Ideal volunteers are those interested in international projects and would like to develop their skills in research, but already have some experience in data collection and analysis. Knowledge in either qualitative or quantitative measures is a plus. The final research report aims to report the current use of aggression management methods in child and youth care in the following EU countries: Belgium, Hungary, and The Netherlands. 

Sign up by e-mailing Flora Laszlo at civicengagement@ceu.edu 

Application deadline: Ongoing 

  • Wekerle project 

A group of volunteers from Wekerletelep, District XIX, Budapest, is looking to expand their team. There are two opportunities for those who are interested:

1. Wegetable commando, every Thursday (4:30-7:30pm)
 Since 2015, volunteers have been spending their Thursday afternoons collecting fruit and vegetable donations in the market of Wekerletelep. After collecting the donations, volunteers bring them to their partner families in the community. This is a great opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the organisation's community partners and learn more about life in Budapest, outside of the city centre. 

2. Saturday Special School every Saturday (2-5pm) for English tutors: Every weekend, eight children from different partner families spend an afternoon of fun with volunteers. Tutors don't need to know how to speak Hungarian, and English is taught using games and other interactive activities. The  goals of the program include improving the kids' self-confidence and their social skills. This creates a cheerful, positive, and accepting space for the children in the community.

Sign up by e-mailing Flora Laszlo at civicengagement@ceu.edu 

Application deadline: Ongoing