Intellectual Inquiry

CEU's academic offer focuses on the social sciences, humanities, business, law, and public policy. 

The University has earned global recognition for a variety of its academic programs—including political science, philosophy, and sociology—while continuing to invest in exciting new fields such as cognitive science and network science. Within the region, many of its programs enjoy premier status, including business and law.

The University enjoys the distinction of offering three two-year Erasmus Mundus master’s programs, in concert with leading European institutions in the subject areas of public policy, environmental sciences and policy management, and gender studies. Funded by the European Commission, these highly competitive and prestigious programs award scholarships to top students worldwide to foster intellectual cooperation and research in Europe.

From the beginning, CEU has tapped the best of U.S. academic tradition and regional intellectualism, resulting in today’s unique perspective, which makes CEU particularly well equipped to explore the world’s diverse ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, historical, and philosophical dimensions.

CEU's international faculty hold degrees from world leading universities. Both renowned senior and talented young scholars are attracted to CEU's scholarly standards, social mission, and the willingness to encourage intellectual risk and the pursuit of new knowledge. We have an exceptional student to teacher ratio. Almost 200 permanent and 170 visiting professors and instructors help the students benefit from a rich diversity of ideas, expertise and teaching styles. Our professors are encouraged to spend half of their time on research activities, many of which are hosted in the university's own research centers. Our students also have access to outstanding visiting professors who arrive from other leading institutions worldwide.

Studies at CEU combine disciplinary rigor with interdisciplinary pursuits that focus on critical issues relevant to public policy in the 21st century. CEU fosters an environment where the values of open society thrive and critical, reflective debate is encouraged.