2016 Award Recipients

Lajos Bokros, Department of Economics and School of Public Policy

Excerpt from his teaching statement:

`Professors do not necessarily have the final words and should not pretend they know everything. There are always limits to available knowledge. Professors are there to help students understand complex issues and help them arrive at their own conclusions. All students are equal. The CEU is about open hearts and open minds. Allow everybody to join your class. Everybody will benefit from that. `

What do his students say?:

`A Bokros-class is very student-centered and alive. The Professor creates an atmosphere where students are required to take part in the conversation, ask questions and be engaged. He cares about our backgrounds so that he can create the tailor-made version of the curriculum and this way, we get to learn a lot from each other's comments as well. What I like about his teaching style is that it glues the different parts of public economics I have learnt so far, into a consistent system of knowledge. He is a dedicated teacher and entertainer, too. `

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Cristina Corduneanu-Huci, School of Public Policy

Excerpt from her teaching statement:

`My experience has led me to think that teaching and mentoring reach their best when they manage to share with students the enthusiasm and desire to know that made us take the path of this profession in the first place. In my opinion, a successful instructor should be able to get the audience engaged and enthralled in the act of knowledge.`

What do her students say?:

`Personally, it had never crossed my mind to change the direction of my thesis a few months before graduation but Cristina was flexible and open enough to sense what could be better. She gently trudged me along and invited me to consider the other options, as always pushing me out of my comfort zone into a challenging space where I could combine my curiosity, passion, and future goals.`

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Maciej Kisilowski, Business School

Excerpt from his teaching statement:

`To be a life changer for some, rather than merely a fine teacher for many, is my main mission. It is also, incidentally, so much more important for the University. People who feel fine about the program may convey a positive message if asked, but are unlikely to actively spread the word about how our University is truly of a different caliber than anything else in the region. People who had one or few courses that they remember as important events in their lives are our most--‐valued ambassadors. `

What do his students say?:

`Maciej Kisilowski is by far one of the most amazing professor I have ever had. He is very enthusiastic and able to keep the attention not only for 3 hours – but for the whole course – couple of months. Working, thinking together with him is a special journey – the knowledge sharing is a great experience.`

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