2017 Award Recipients

Gabor Kezdi, Professor, Department of Economics and Business

Excerpt from his teaching statement:

"I consider teaching and mentoring at least as important in my work as research. I believe that my research pushes the frontiers of knowledge and produces evidence that is relevant for social policy. But my comparative advantage is in teaching. It is primarily through teaching that I think I can make a difference. Good teaching can transform the way people think about important problems. Good teaching can help them ask better questions, give better answers and better evaluate answers they hear."

What do his students say?:

"His enthusiasm towards the science of economics and his fascinating lectures of the highest professional standard inspired me to choose a career path similar to his, and I am grateful to him for turning me into this direction. In his classes, each student, whether a beginner or a more advanced economist, learned very important lessons on economic thinking and smart ways of approaching complex problems."

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Tijana Krstic, Associate Professor, Department of Medieval Studies

Excerpt from her teaching statement:

"The best thing about working at CEU, and a constant source of renewal for me as a scholar, is the experience of teaching and mentoring the particular profile of students we have. The fact that students come from such different backgrounds, academic environments and historiographical traditions, and with such varied research interests, makes teaching at CEU a dialogic process in which teachers learn as much as they teach."

What do her students say?:

"Our student-teacher relationship has been marked and nurtured by mutual trust and motivation in aspiring for academic excellence. From her standpoint, what seems to safeguard this aspiration is her belief that the way to be a great teacher is to remain a curious student at the same time, evoking the age-old proverb "docendo discimus" ("by teaching, we learn"). Over the years, she has provided courses conceived by a wide range of perspectives, innovative approaches with a keen attention to the students' interests and reactions, and most up-to-date literature without neglecting the classics. She has been a source of assurance for her students to maintain their courage and determination to broaden their horizons and hone their skills without losing the sight of being realistic."

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