Institute for Advanced Study CEU

The Institute for Advanced Study CEU is a university-based Institute for Advanced Study which hosts every year a group of outstanding scholars from around the world. Following the intellectual tradition of Collegium Budapest and similar academic institutions in Europe and elsewhere, IAS CEU invites senior and junior Fellows to pursue their diverse disciplinary interests in an environment conducive to focused scholarship and intellectual exchange.

IAS CEU provides a stimulating environment in which the Fellows can devote themselves to their research and share their work with peers through weekly seminars and other community programs. Fellows have access to all CEU facilities, including seminar and conference space and library resources. They also benefit from CEU's vibrant international character, its strong ties in Hungary, and its location in Budapest, a hub in Central Europe. IAS CEU facilitates the Fellows' engagement with CEU's as well as Hungarian scholarly community by encouraging collaborative projects, organizing joint public lectures and related activities.

The Institute's mission includes stimulating interdisciplinary scholarship and promoting academic research and cooperation worldwide. IAS CEU is member of the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (Netias) and the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS).