Visegrad Scholarship

Central European University is among the hosting universities for the scholarship schemes offered by the Visegrad Fund

Visegrad scholarships support master's as well as PhD/postdoc study and research stays at higher-education institutions in the V4 region, as well as in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries.

Candidates who are eligible for the Visegrad Scholarship and wish to join CEU for non-degree studies may apply as visiting students or in the framework of the Doctoral Support Program.

Application Guidelines

1. Submit a complete CEU non-degree online application package. The applicaiton form (attached at the bottom of the page) along with the other necessary documents listed here need to be submitted at least 1 months before the Visegrad scholarship application deadline.

2. Submit also a study plan to the CEU Non-Degree Admissions Coordinator via email.

3. If your application and your the study plan is accepted by the hosting program/unit, the Admissions coordinator will send you a confirmation of acceptance as well as a stamped and signed version of your study plan both electronically and via regular mail.