CEU Website Accessibility

CEU is committed to providing accessible website presences to its own community as well as external visitors, and aims to adhere to WCAG 2 guidelines. Anyone granted website content creation rights at CEU is responsible for maintaining these standards.
In particular we strive to observe all main content principles outlined by WCAG 2:
  1. Perceivable. Text alternatives are provided whenever possible, content is delivered responsively according to device, and page text can be resized and is high contrast vis a vis font/background colors.
  2. Operable. CEU website pages can be navigated via keyboard, accessed via screen reader, and use slideshows fully controllable by the visitor.
  3. Understandable. Content is delivered using consistent and well-structured language and navigation, and include help text when applicable.
  4. Robust. Meaningful and complete markup is utilized.
CEU websites are published using the Drupal CMS, which was built to conform with latest accessibility guidelines, see: https://www.drupal.org/about/features/accessibility
For further information or questions about CEU website accessibility, please contact the CEU Web Unit at: ceuwebteam@ceu.edu.