Accessibility at CEU

CEU is committed to creating accessible educational environments for all students, staff, faculty, alumni/ae, and visitors to participate.

Report an access barrier

In line with our commitment to creating accessible educational environments in the design we strive to prevent and remove barriers to access. If you encounter any Informational, communication, and technological (ICT) barriers, Systemic barriers in policies, practices and procedures, Physical barriers at CEU (e.g. an inaccessible website, an inoperable elevator, or any other access barrier), you can help in barrier identification, removal and/or prevention.

Report a barrier (via form)


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Accessing accommodations and services at Central European University



The information contained in this guide is intended as a resource to help faculty members  



Recognizing and addressing the special needs of students under the rapid move to the online learning environment

Ceu campus accessibility

CEU is committed to create spaces that are user-friendly for all community members and visitorsincluding people with vision and hearing impairments or mobility aids. On both the Vienna campus, and Budapest site, a number of accessibility features and tools are available. Please click on the city to read more detailed information about the accessibility measures. 

CEU website and IT accessibility

Central European University (CEU) is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have access to all services and content, including those delivered using information technology (IT). If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access CEU websites and videos, please send a detailed message to In case there are other IT related barriers, please send a detailed message to 

Please do not hesitate to contact Intranet Site (CEU login required) for more information on the support of the IT Department. 

For additional issues or needs related to accessibility or accommodations, please report a barrier.

CEU website accessibility

CEU is committed to providing accessible website presences to its own community as well as external visitors, and aims to adhere to WCAG 2 guidelines. Anyone granted website content creation rights at CEU is responsible for maintaining these standards. 

CEU IT accessibility

CEU faculty and staff are encouraged to make all digital materials accessible to all.