Student Resources

Commitment to Students with a Disability

Central European University (CEU) is committed to creating accessible and inclusive educational environments by identifying and removing barriers and by providing reasonable accommodations to students to ensure their full participation in the university’s programs, courses, and activities. This whole-institution commitment is guided by the principles of universal design and aims to reduce the need for individual accommodations.

We recognize the importance of information sharing. We also recognize that you may not know who to turn to for guidance. The Disability Rights Officer provides assistance and can answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out when in doubt if you can request accommodations for the barriers you are experiencing. The Disability Rights Officer can be reached by email at

Confidentiality Information

The CEU Disability Rights Officer keeps your information confidential. With your permission, your information may be shared with CEU faculty and staff members so that they can provide disability-related accommodations on all campus locations. Please kindly note:
  • Faculty members and coordinators may be informed about the accommodations you are entitled to receive, including exam modifications and adjustments. 
  • Registration with the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality is not noted on your transcript.
  • You do not have to disclose the nature of a disability or information about your health to faculty members or other staff members at the university. 
  • If a student voluntarily discloses a disability but does not want to register with the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality, faculty members can provide the same support as they would for any student experiencing academic challenges.

What can you as a student do? 

First, familiarize yourself with the Policy on the Rights of Students with a Disability to learn about the support available at CEU. The following pages will help navigate content and resources related to disability.

Whom to contact for support?

CEU Disability Rights Officer (Natalia Nyikes) at for accessibility issues and to request accommodations. 

CEU IT Support Helpdesk at for issues related to digital accessibility. 

CEU Psychological Counseling (Laszlo Biro) at for issues related to psychological support.