Vienna Campus Accessibility

For general information (location, approach, opening hours and reception phone number) please click here. 

Fire and Safety 

If you cannot use the escape routes/stairs, please inform the Facilities Management at to create a personalized emergency plan. 

Accessibility information 

  • Throughout the campus, access is provided for those with wheelchairs, but carpeting makes it harder to roll the chair. 
  • Signage all over the campus includes Braille and other tactile elements. 
  • Currently some classrooms are still difficult to move around in a wheelchair,  please read the categories of the rooms according to accessibility. 

Categories of classrooms according to their accessibility

If no accessible rooom is available but would be needed, please contact Viktoria Endrody General Booking Coordinator at

1. Fully accessible rooms:

A19 computerlab, A101 computer lab, A103, A201, A 214, A215, A516, B215, B216, C201, B511

2. Accessible rooms with minor issues, only to be used if fully accessible rooms are not available:

D001, D002, A102, Mirebaud lab, A211, B505.

 A PDF document with the rooms categorized accordig to the degree of their accessiblity is available in the attachment at the bottom of this page.


Throughout the campus, access is provided for those with wheelchairs along with designated washrooms on each floor.