Accommodations at CEU

Accommodations & Support for Students with Disabilities 

Students may face disability-related barriers throughout their studies. Central European University (CEU) provides reasonable academic accommodations to qualified students with disabilities based on individual needs. Reasonable accommodations provide necessary and appropriate modifications to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy and exercise all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with others (United Nations, 2006). 

The purpose of academic accommodations is to provide students with equal access to learning and participation in university life. Some examples of academic accommodations may include

  • Accessible course materials
  • Assistive technology to support student learning needs
  • Assignment extensions
  • Attendance flexibility
  • Classroom relocation
  • Exam accommodations
  • Other modifications that allow a student full participation in the university’s programs, services, and activities.

Each student who has a disability is invited to register with the Disability Services Office to receive reasonable accommodations.

What is the role of a student/ faculty/ CEU Disability Services Officer?

 The following guidelines draw on the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Policy on the Rights of Students with Disabilities (Article 4).

Student Role 

  • Provide assessment documentation to the CEU Disability Services Officer 
  • Participate in the process of determining and implementing reasonable accommodations
  • Inform the CEU Disability Services Officer when accommodations are not working, need to be modified, or symptoms change

Faculty Role 

  • Refer students to the Disability Services Officer
  • Participate in determining and implementing reasonable accommodations
  • Identify essential course components that may need to be modified or adjusted
  • Request assistance (from the CEU Disability Services Officer)

CEU Disability Services Officer Role 

  • Maintain assessment documentation in a confidential manner 
  • Determine if condition(s) are a disability in accordance with Hungarian, Austrian and US legal requirements 
  • Identify and assist with implementation of reasonable accommodations 
  • Provide information and referral to campus and community resources to resolve disability-related issues 

The particular accommodations afforded will be determined jointly by the student, the CEU Disability Services Officer through a process that includes the student’s department, the Medical Practitioner at each Campus or the Counselling Services, and the Committee on Students with Disabilities. Moreover, the Disability Services Office assists with the implementation of reasonable accommodations and provides information and referral to campus and community resources to resolve disability-related issues. See more: Services for Students with Disabilities 

How to request reasonable accommodations?

Registration for disability accommodations is a six-step process that is outlined in the Word Document below ("Process of Requesting Disability Accommodations at CEU"). To receive academic accommodations for the start of fall classes, you must submit your registration package by August 15. Students can register with Disability Services at any point during their studies. 

 Any student who feels they may need an accommodation for any type of disability should contact the CEU Disability Services Officer at