Board of Trustees

Incorporated in the State of New York, Central European University (CEU) is organized as an American hifgher education institution, governed by a Board of Trustees, which has general charge of the affairs, property and assets of CEU. Trustees carry out the aims and purposes of the Corporation, formulate strategy for the implementation of endeavors defined in the preamble of the University By-Laws, and, to this end, manage and control all of its property and assets.

The Board decides upon establishment or cessation of teaching sites and departments, after consulting the Senate and the President and Rector. The Board of Trustees issues financial guidelines, and decides upon possible departures from such guidelines. The Board of Trustees decides upon tuition fees.


  • George Soros, Honorary Chairman of the Board (Soros Fund Management LLC, New York)
  • Leon Botstein, Chairman of the Board (Bard College, New York)
  • Peter Baldwin (University of California)
  • Leonard Benardo (Open Society Foundations, New York)
  • Richard C. Blum (Richard C. Blum & Associates, Inc., San Francisco)
  • Attila Chikan (Corvinus University, Budapest)
  • Carol T. Christ (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Ronald J. Daniels (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)
  • Antonio Foglia (Banca del Ceresio Group, Lugano)
  • Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Mark Malloch-Brown (Open Society Foundations, New York)
  • Peter A. Nadosy (East End Advisors, New York)
  • J. Robert S. Prichard (Torys LLP, Toronto)
  • Shalini Randeria (CEU President)
  • Alexander Soros (Alexander Soros Foundation, New York)
  • Andreas Treichl (Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna)