Senate Committees

Academic committees are elected by CEU Senate or appointed by CEU senior officers, and represent key elements of CEU academic self-governance.

Committee on Strategic Development

Advises the Senate and the Rector on University strategic planning matters.

Contact: Zsofia Pal

Committee on University Professors

Makes recommendations to the Rector and the Provost on nominations for the rank of University Professor.

Contact: Tatiana Yarkova

"Egyetemi tanar" Applications Evaluation Committee

Decides on behalf of the University on applications for appointment as "egyetemi tanar". This title, which literally means “university professor,” indicates a high ranking within Hungarian higher education.

Contact: Laszlo Kontler

Equal Opportunity Committee

The Committee has key role in coordinating and monitoring activities falling under CEU Equal Opportunity policy.

Contact: Andrea Krizsan

Ethical Research Committee

Oversees implementation of the CEU Ethical Research Policy including through elaboration of the CEU Ethical Research Guidelines.

Contact: Eszter Bordas

Habilitation Committee

Reviews habilitation requests and makes recommendations to the President and Rector regarding habilitation, which is the highest academic qualification a scholar can achieve by his or her own pursuit in several European and Asian countries. 

Contact: Laszlo Kontler

Senate Curriculum and Academic Quality Assurance Committee

Advises the Provost and the President on University-wide academic quality matters.

Contact: Tatiana Yarkova

Re-appointment and Promotion Committee

Reviews and discusses all promotion and re-appointment cases of the academic departments, and advises the Provost on forming a recommendation.

Contact: Boroka Beni

Review Committee

Investigates claims that promotion and re-appointment procedure, as detailed in the Academic Staff Handbook, was not properly applied.

Contact: Aleh Cherp

Scholarship Advisory Committee

Advises the Senate on the University's scholarship policy; decides upon requests for scholarships.

Contact: Ildiko Torok

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The CEU Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) advises on strategy and actions towards the achievement of the CEU Sustainable Development Policy and fulfilment of CEU’s commitments as a signatory to the University Charter for Sustainable Development (COPERNICUS). 

Contact: Logan Strenchock

University Disciplinary Committee

Together with the Grievance Committee, implements the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

Contact: Natalie Sebanz

University Doctoral Committee

Makes decisions on all major aspects regarding doctoral studies, as spelled out in CEU's Doctoral Regulations.

Contact: Boroka Beni

University Grievance Committee

Makes proposals to the Senate relating to rules affecting the equal and fair treatment of each member of the University community, sits as an appellate body to the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee.

Contact: Chrys Margaritidis

University Library Committee

Advises the Senate and the CEU Library on the expansion and improvement of CEU's Library collections.

Contact: Sanjay Kumar

Non-Senate Committees

External Funding Committe

  • Agnes Batory (Chair)
  • Eva Fodor
  • Zsuzsanna Gabor (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Mark Kiss
  • Guenther Knoblich

Academic Support Committee

  • Agnes Batory
  • Zsuzsanna Gabor (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Bela Greskovits
  • Jasmina Lukic (Chair)

Contact person: Szilvia Bea, ACRO Financial Coordinator

Erasmus Staff Training Committee

  • Zsuzsanna Gabor
  • Ann Gagliardi
  • Rita Kumanovics

Student Travel and Research Grant  Committee

  • Alexios Antypas
  • Gyorgy Gereby
  • Attila Rátfai
  • Eszter Timar

Grant  Committee of the Central European University Foundation Budapest Board

  • Agnes Batory
  • Eva Fodor (Chair)
  • Mark Kiss
  • Laszlo Kontler
  • Serge Sych

Standing Appointment Committee

  • Agnes Batory (Ex-Officio Chair)
  • Andreas Dafinger
  • Eva Fodor
  • Julius Horvath
  • Janos Kis

Research Excellence Support Fund Selection Committee

  • Agnes Batory (Ex-Officio Chair)
  • Gergely Csibra
  • Eva Fodor
  • Zsuzsanna Gabor
  • Botond Koszegi
  • Tijana Krstic

Teaching Development Grant Committee

  • Tim Crane (Chair)
  • Erin Jenne
  • Michael Kozakowski (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Maria Kronfeldner
  • Tamara Steger

Contact person: Veronika Csapo, ACRO Research Grants Coordinator

Psychological Research Ethics Board

  • Gergely Csibra
  • Jozsef Fiser
  • Gyorgy Gergely
  • Christoph Heintz
  • Marton Karsai
  • Gunther Knoblich (Chair)
  • Agnes Melinda Kovacs
  • Mate Lengyel
  • Vlad Namescu
  • Azzurra Ruggeri
  • Natalie Sebanz
  • Erno Teglas
  • Eva Wittenberg