Senate Curriculum and Academic Quality Assurance Committee

The Senate Curriculum and Academic Quality Assurance Committee (SeCur) advises the Rector and the Senate on curriculum and other academic quality matters. The committee assures quality of curriculum by providing a meta-level review and guidance to departmental curriculum committees, such as developing university-wide criteria for syllabi evaluation; reviewing curriculum maps of degree programs; reviewing proposals for university-wide courses and selecting courses for next academic year based on pre-agreed selection criteria. The committee might also undertake a targeted review of syllabi. SeCur reviews the strategic reports of departments and annual reports of teaching programs. It also considers proposals for all new degrees programs at CEU and formulates its recommendation for consideration by the Senate. The committee reviews and proposes modifications to CEU's Institutional Assessment and Quality Assurance Policy, CEU's Policy on Degree Programs, and the Academic Staff Handbook. The committee takes on other academic quality projects as requested by the Rector, the Senate, or a committee member.

Contact: Tatiana Yarkova



Student Representative

Nadia Manzoni