University Disciplinary Committee

Together with the Grievance Committee, implements the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

The role of the Disciplinary Committee is to:

  1. collect the facts of all complaints arising under the Code of Ethics;
  2. determine if a complaint has merit;
  3. facilitate an amicable resolution to a complaint where possible;
  4. conduct all disciplinary hearings;
  5. make a decision on a complaint after the completion of the disciplinary proceedings; and
  6. to consult with the Department of Human Resources and with legal counsel in situations where the respondent is an employee.

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Student Representatives

  • Palina Baranava
  • Jonah Helwig

Ad-hoc members

Faculty representatives

Staff representatives

Student representatives

  • Jeroen Van Der Veen
  • Yutong Lang
  • Mikkel Sager