University Disciplinary Committee

Together with the Grievance Committee, implements the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

The role of the Disciplinary Committee is to:

a) collect the facts of all complaints arising under the Code of Ethics;

b) determine if a complaint has merit;

c) facilitate an amicable resolution to a complaint where possible;

d) conduct all disciplinary hearings;

e) make a decision on a complaint after the completion of the disciplinary proceedings; and

f) to consult with the Department of Human Resources and with legal counsel in situations where the respondent is an employee.

Please consult the CEU Code of Ethics for more details, available at

Contact person: Karoly Bard


  • Karoly Bard


  • Eva Fodor
  • Erin Kristin Jenne
  • Noemi Kakucs
  • Kirsten Roberts Lyer
  • Andres Moles
  • Renata Uitz

Student Representatives

  • Zsuzsanna Dorosz
  • Andras Gal

Ad-hoc members

Faculty representatives

  • Alexios Antypas
  • Christophe Heinz
  • Elissa Helms

Staff representatives

  • Ildiko Chikan
  • Katalin Szimler
  • Edina Tipter

Student representatives

  • Maryna Baida
  • Galiya Khassenkhanova
  • Marek Simon