University Doctoral Committee

The University Doctoral Committee has decisional prerogatives on all major aspects regarding doctoral studies, as spelled out in CEU's Doctoral Regulations.

It is charged with supervising the development of the Doctoral Programs and enforcing University Regulations on this matter. It shall also have the task of:

a) proposing to the Senate the adoption and amendment of these Regulations or make technical amendments of the existing regulations on its own;

b) exercising quality control over the Doctoral Programs;

c) appointing the members of the Admission, Rigorosum and Thesis Committees, based on the recommendations of the Doctoral Committees;

d) approving the appointment of supervisors;

e) dealing with appeals on doctoral matters;

f) awarding a doctoral degree, based on the decision of a Thesis Committee.

Contact person: Boroka Beni



Student Representative

       Szilvia Nagy