Tuition and Fees

The tuition fees for BA programs are listed in the table below. These do not include the General Deposit, Student Enrollment Fee, accommodation, and other living expenses 

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Per Academic Year 

Per Installment 

BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 

10,000 EUR 

5,000 EUR 

BA in Culture, Politics, and Society 

10,000 EUR 

5,000 EUR 

CEU offers an Inaugural Class Tuition Award of 50% to all successful candidates who start their bachelor’s studies at CEU in September 2020. Members of the Inaugural Class will be granted this Award for the entire duration of their studies, i.e. a tuition fee of 5000 EUR/year.

Student Enrollment Fee

All students are required to pay the student enrollment fee--EUR 200 per academic year--for the duration of their studies.  

General Deposit 

You are required to pay a general deposit of EUR 200 when you confirm that you accept your place of study at CEU.  The deposit can be paid online via the Applicant Portal. 

The general deposit is not refundable if you decide not to enroll. Once you enroll, it serves as a damage deposit for the length of your studies and will be refunded shortly before you leave, less any damage costs assessed or fees outstanding on your account.