Tuition and Fees

The tuition fees for BA programs are listed in the table below. These do not include the Registration Fee, Student Enrollment Fee, accommodation, and other living expenses.  


Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Per Academic Year 

Per Installment 

BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 

7,000 EUR 

3,500 EUR 

BA in Culture, Politics, and Society 

7,000 EUR 

3,500 EUR 

BA in Quantitative Social Sciences 

7,000 EUR 

3,500 EUR 

Scholarship opportunities and Awards:

Presidential Awardtwo outstanding candidates will receive a Presidential Award for the total value of 5,000 EUR each. The Award covers part of the tuition fee throughout the four years of BA studies as follows:

  • Year I: 500 EUR
  • Year II: 1,000 EUR
  • Year III: 1,500 EUR
  • Year IV: 2,000 EUR

CEU Scholarships for Refugees will be available for three admitted BA candidates with refugee status. This Scholarship, together with the Inaugural Class Tuition Award given to all admitted students, will cover tuition fees throughout the four years of BA studies (up to 5,000 EUR/year from each award), a monthly stipend of 470 EUR and dormitory housing. Applicants who want to be considered for this Scholarship must:

1. Submit a separate Personal Statement that should be max. 500 word (1-2 pages) into the Other Supporting Documents section by February 1, 2021 (earlier submission is recommended, if feasible). This Personal Statement should include details of their refugee status in one of the EEA countries and any funds they received and/or may receive from private and/or public sources. 

2. Submit a document that can allow us to verify proof of your refugee status. Combine all documents into one PDF then upload into Other Supporting Documents section within your application.

Please note that applicants with a refugee status from other EU countries will need to apply for an Austrian residence permit.

Student Enrollment Fee 

All students are required to pay the student enrollment fee--EUR 200 per academic year--for the duration of their studies.  

Registration Fee 

You are required to pay a registration fee of EUR 100 when you confirm that you accept your place of study at CEU.  The registration fee can be paid online via the Applicant Portal. 

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Student Union Fee

As per the Austrian Student Union Law (HSG 2014 § 1 (1) lit. 4), every student in Austria is automatically a member of the student union and required to pay a membership fee every semester. You are required to pay this Austrian National Student Union (OeH) fee of EUR 20.20 per semester.  New students will be requested to pay the first installment online within the On-boarding process. It is a prerequisite to be enrolled in the Fall.

External financing and scholarships

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