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Central European University brings together students and faculty from some 100 countries for graduate study in an extraordinary international, interdisciplinary atmosphere  that encourages open debate and the exchange of ideas.

Accredited in the U.S., Austria and Hungary, CEU offers English-language degree programs in the social sciences and humanities, business and economics, environmental sciences and policy, law, network science and cognitive science.

We draw on the research tradition of great American universities as well as the most valuable intellectual legacies of Central Europe. Distinctive for the integrated approach we bring to teaching, research, and public service, CEU also emphasizes comparative and interdisciplinary coursework.

At CEU, we believe our diverse student body is our best asset. We are committed to maintaining a student-oriented academic culture, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and perspectives that our multicultural, multinational student community provides.

Find out more! Check our departmental videos on our official Youtube-channel to learn more about faculty, programs and student experience at CEU.

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