Applicant Portal

Once your application and the application fee are received, you are granted access to the Applicant Portal. Applicants receive an automated message informing them about portal access details. The Applicant Portal can be accessed with the same login and password used for the application(s). Please note that the Applicant Portal is not the same as the application form and has a different URL!

The Applicant Portal shows a summary of your submitted application(s), and will display the outcome of your application once the relevant selection committee has reached a decision.
It is also a tool for you to update personal details, and allows the CEU Admissions Office to request additional documents from you.
Applications are transferred to the Portal upon submission, so you will only see those of your applications in the Portal that you already successfully submitted.

Below we walk you through the different sections of the Applicant Portal. Please note that in case you have applied to multiple programs, you will have separate subsections on Referees, Documents and Actions for each application.

Personal Details

In this section, you can update your correspondence address details. Please note that name, date of birth and permanent address changes are not stored automatically by the system, but have to be validated by the CEU Admissions Office. For this purpose please contact us and attach a supporting document where applicable (e.g. name change: marriage certificate).


This section lists the key summary of a given application such as the program(s) you have applied for, the entry year, the academic unit offering the program, the date of submission, the mode of study, etc. It is also in this section that you will find the decision about your application displayed according to the relevant notification schedule.

If the decision displayed in your application is accepted, the Portal will display your acceptance offer. You will be able to view and respond to the offer via the Portal.
Please read the Acceptance Offer carefully. You may then choose to accept the offer or decline it (click on "Respond to Offer").

If you accept the offer,  your response will be displayed as “Firmly Accepted” on the portal. Underneath your response, you will see the status of the official copies of your academic records to be sent in upon accepting an offer. If you read 

  • “To be submitted if you accept an offer”, this means your academic documents have not been received or processed.  
  • “Passed check” indicates they have been received and accepted, while 
  • “Failed check” signifies that they are not acceptable for some reason. (Details will be shown on your Onboarding page to be opened by mid-summer.) 

If you choose to decline the offer, please make sure to provide your reason for declining. If you decline the offer for financial reasons, i.e. if the financial terms of your offer are not acceptable (provided you applied by the relevant deadline for a program that offers financial aid), you will be automatically placed on the waiting list for a better offer. There is however no way to predict if and when a new offer might become available.
If you do not wish to respond at this time, please ‘Cancel’ to return to the ‘my Application’ page.
See also: Admissions Process and Timeline

If the application is rejected, your status in the Applicant Portal is updated accordingly. You will also receive a formal letter of notification by email. Please note that CEU does not make known the reason(s) why an application is rejected

If the decision reads waiting list, it means that you may be admitted if another accepted applicant chooses not to attend CEU. Waitlisted candidates may receive an offer of admission until May 31 (if they need a study visa) or the beginning of the academic year (if they do not need a visa). After May 31, the decision status changes to waiting list status expired - no admission for candidates that require a study visa, and after the beginning of the academic year, for all other candidates.
Please note that we are unfortunately unable to provide information about your chances of acceptance or position on the waiting list.


This section allows you to track the status of your references/recommendation letters. It also allows you to remove a referee in case the person has not submitted the reference yet, and to register a new referee (or register the same referee once more, in case the person lost the reference email or did not submit within the time frame provided). Once you register a referee, they will have one week to submit a reference from the time you submit your application (i.e. after you have paid the application fee and received an automated message that your application was successfully submitted).

The status messages for references are the following:

  • Reference not started: the automated email with the link to the reference form has been sent to the referee but they have not clicked on it;
  • Reference in progress: the referee clicked the link but has not completed the reference yet;
  • Reference submitted: the referee successfully uploaded the reference or completed the web reference form. 


This section will display any document you are requested to upload in addition or in lieu of or in addition to those you have submitted with your application. Please check this section regularly for updates. If you see no documents listed here, that means do not have to submit any. (Note: First Diploma = Bachelor's diploma/degree certificate, First Transcript = Bachelor's transcript, Second Diploma = Master's diploma/degree certificate, Second Transcript = Master's transcript)


If you click Withdraw Application the relevant application will be marked as withdrawn and you will no longer be considered for that program. This does not affect other applications you might have submitted. If you want to withdraw several applications, you need to withdraw them one by one.

Visa/Residency Status Data Update

This section will only display on your Applicant Portal under a program you have been accepted for, and only if you are not a citizen/permanent resident of the EU/EEA. Its purpose is to help us track your visa and residence permit application status and provide guidance as appropriate. After indicating the embassy/consulate at which you plan to submit your application for a (visa and) residence permit, please be sure to update your status every time it has changed by selecting a status update of the following: 

  • Not started – No response if you have been unable to start the application process because the embassy or consulate has not been responding to your inquiries;
  • Not started – Other if you have not been able to start the process for any other reasons;
  • Appointment obtained if you have been able to make an appointment for an interview with the consulate staff;
  • Application submitted if you have been able to successfully file your application for a visa/residence permit;
  • Visa/Residence permit obtained if you have been granted a study visa or residence permit.