Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add new documents to my submitted application, or replace some of the submitted documents with updated ones?
No. In case a candidate is required to submit additional/missing documents in order to comply with formal application requirements, CEU Admissions Office notifies them via the Applicant Portal.

How long after the closing date will a decision be made?
Please check the relevant admissions timeline.

How will I find out whether my application was successful?
The admissions decision will be posted in the Applicant Portal.

Once accepted, can I request deferral to postpone the start of my studies?
Deferrals are not a standard option for admitted students at CEU. Individual units may sometimes grant deferrals in exceptional cases.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes. Due to limited space availability and competition, some candidates are placed on the waiting list. The waiting list status appears on the Applicant Portal
The waiting list status is no guarantee for eventual acceptance, and it depends on the given circumstances whether a person actually advances from the list.

How long will I remain on the waiting list?
Waitlisted applicants who need a visa to study in Hungary may advance from the waiting list no later than June 30. After that, their waiting list status expires.
Waitlisted candidates who do not need a visa may be offered admission as late as a few days prior to the beginning of the academic year. Once the academic year starts, the waiting list status expires for them as well.

Can I get an early decision so that I can apply for an external scholarship?
Yes, you can. In order to do so, please submit a application and email us to request an early decision. Please note 1) the application must be complete with all required documents and recommendations and 2) the decision, if positive, will mean acceptance on a self-financing basis only.