Program-Specific Exams

In some cases, academic programs have additional entry requirements (tests, exams, interviews, etc.) for admission in addition to the general CEU requirements. Please see the website of the relevant program for details.

Individual Interviews

Some CEU departments or schools may interview some of their pre-selected candidates as part of the selection process. Individual interviews commence shortly after the first review of the application files, and continue until the relevant notification date. Each unit will contact eligible applicants to make the necessary arrangements. In the cases of Skype or telephone interviews, arrangements may be made to invite candidates to a location where their identity can be verified.

MA in Economics: Mathematics Exam or GRE

If you are applying to the MA in Economics, you must pass an examination in mathematics (or submit general GRE scores with your application). The mathematics exam is designed to test candidates on basic calculus, probability theory and linear algebra and is organized by CEU on February 17, 2023.

PhD in Economics: GRE

Candidates to the PhD program in Economics must submit GRE test scores along with their application.

PhD in Business Administration:  GMAT or GRE

Candidates to the PhD program in Business Administration must submit GMAT or GRE test scores along with their application.

MS in Business Analytics and MS in Finance: GMAT or GRE or CEU Mathematics Exam

The GMAT or GRE General Test can be replaced by the CEU Mathematics test: The format, length and difficulty of the test is comparable to the quantitative section of the GMAT. If you are well prepared for the GMAT, you will also succeed in the CEU Math test. Please see a sample test here. The CEU Math test is organized by CEU online on February 10, 2023 for those candidates who apply by 1 February, 2023.

We do not waive this requirement for applicants with work experience.

1-year MA in Medieval Studies, 2-year MA in Comparative History - Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies: Source Language Examination

In some cases, candidates may be required to take a source language examination. The Department of Medieval Studies will provide relevant information to candidates over email.