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Got questions about life at CEU before the big move? Want to hear what current students have to say? Our CEU Buddies are here to help with whatever questions you may have, from what to bring to what to expect. Read the short intros below, choose your future buddy and click on their name to get in touch. Just make sure to drop them a line before June 30!

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Rados Keravica
Department: Legal Studies
Program: MA in Human Rights
Country: Serbia

My special interest lies in disability rights. I’ve been working in this field for seven years on a global project called Disability Rights Promotion International. I’d love to answer your questions about the Human Rights program or give you tips on life in Budapest and in the CEU Residence Center.

Angelita Bombarda
Department: School of Public Policy
Program: Master in Public Administration
Country: Philippines

I’m having the time of my life at CEU! I’ve met the best professors I ever knew and have taken courses that have changed the way I see the world. Living here in Budapest has changed me, too. I’ve grown up a lot and have learned so much about myself since I moved here.

Zuzana Pavelkova
Department: Legal Studies
Program: MA in Human Rights
Country: Czech Republic

The MA Human Rights program is an excellent master’s program which doesn’t exist in my home country. I’d be happy to provide incoming students with insider information on the program as well as the Department of Legal Studies. I can also help students from other departments with practicalities such as finding an apartment in Budapest.

Zuleyha Izin
Department: Gender Studies
Program: MA in Gender Studies
Country: Turkey

Being at CEU has been a unique experience in many ways. First of all, students come from all over the world which really expands your horizon. Its academic quality is beyond my expectations. It is very challenging but fruitful in the end!

Yifei Zhao
Department: Environmental Science and Policy
Program: MS in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
Country: China

I have been studying at CEU since last September and I’ve had amazing study and life experiences! CEU is the perfect place to pursue your academic interests and Budapest is an adorable city to explore. I have so much fun studying in this international community and have met awesome people!

Palden Tso
Department: International Relations
Program: MA in International Relations
Country: India (Tibet)

Studying at CEU for almost a year has changed my outlook on the world at large and as an individual I appreciate open society more than before. CEU has helped me to develop my confidence and I feel more prepared professionally. Overall, it has been challenging and tough but absolutely worth it.

Jonathan Mulki
Department: Political Science
Program: MA in Political Science
Country: Argentina

My experience at CEU has been excellent: I have met top scholars in my field, while living with classmates from all around the world. This year at CEU has drastically enriched my professional development.

Jose Osorio
Department: History
Program: MA in Comparative History: Late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Country: Peru

My overall experience so far has been great. From an academic perspective, the university is top-notch. The library and other academic resources are great. For a Medieval Studies and Philosophy student, this is particularly important. From a community perspective, everybody here has been great, friendly and cooperative. I’ve met the nicest people in Budapest!

Sanjay Sharma
Department: Political Science
Program: MA in Political Science
Country: Nepal

I have had a great experience as a student at CEU. Not only are the courses I’ve taken interesting, but I also enjoy studying with an extremely diverse group of students. Listening to them and their ideas has been the greatest source of learning for me. I am glad that I chose CEU for my postgraduate studies.

Romeo Zelayandia Gonzalez
Department: Legal Studies
Program: LLM in Human Rights
Country: El Salvador

CEU has given me the opportunity to study with people from all corners of the world. Other than the United Nations, I don’t know of any other institution so multicultural. Academically, the university is top-notch: its faculty and staff, and the new campus are also among the best in Central Europe.

Maisha Fairuz
Department: Economics and Business
Program: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets
Country: Bangladesh

From an academic point of view, CEU has been a very fulfilling experience. But education transcends academic learning. Here you don't merely learn to accept but also to love and appreciate the multitude of cultures from possibly every corner of the world.

Ines Ivic
Department: Medieval Studies
Program: PhD in Medieval Studies
Country: Croatia

From attending an MA in Medieval Studies through interning as part of the Alumni Scholarship Program to starting a PhD here, I’ve experienced CEU from many different angles. I'm a proud member of this community, making the most of all of the university’s extraordinary accomplishments and helping it grow further.

Gabriella Komoly
Department: Nationalism Studies
Program: MA in Nationalism Studies
Country: Hungary

CEU offers a fantastic library, smart, motivating professors and staff, and last but not least colleagues from all over the globe who eventually become your best friends. All you need to do in exchange is to be ambitious, dedicated, and to love your own research! As a Hungarian, CEU allowed me to study abroad for two years without leaving my hometown. I also learned about different cultures and countries without reading any of the Lonely Planet books. CEU opened up the world, and opened up academia for me.

Kinga Tikosi
Department: Mathematics and its Application
Program: PhD in Mathematics and its Application
Country: Hungary

I am a first-year PhD student but I also did my MS here so I know both programs very well. Feel free to ask anything about my department, the dorm, the Student Union, or CEU and Budapest in general.

Eva Merenics
Department: Sociology and Social Anthropology
Program: MA in Sociology
Country: Hungary

When I applied, CEU was anything but an unknown place for me. But the university still managed to surprise me in many ways. For example, our teachers do not only share knowledge but also display great pedagogical skills and lead through personal example. And while I’m 5-10 years older than my classmates, I feel there’s no generation gap between us whatsoever. CEU makes you think and feel younger. So if you come to CEU, be open to the unexpected.

Dragan Kuljanin
Department: Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations
Program: PhD in Political Science, Political Theory Track
Country: Serbia

What I really like about the Doctoral School is that it provides students with regular opportunities to discuss their projects with colleagues from different backgrounds and with different research interests. This means that we can get feedback from outside of our own narrow field and this often results in fresh insights and interesting new ideas. It’s also possible to take courses or attend lectures outside of your track, and professors from all different sub-fields are available for discussion and consultation on your research project.

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