Kaffeehaus Fellowships

This fellowship program is dedicated to the great thinkers of Vienna's past and the reasoned and open interchange of ideas of the Kaffeehaus. Vienna has an incredible history of great thinkers. Their work (and that of many of their highly talented Viennese contemporaries) has had a major influence over the 20th century and continues to have a major impact today:

  • Economists and business scholars Hayek, von Mises, Schumpeter, and Peter Drucker
  • Legal scholar Hans Kelsen
  • Neurologist Sigmund Freud
  • Social democratic thinkers Victor Adler and Otto Bauer
  • Philosophers and mathematicians Kurt Gödel, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Karl Popper

These scholarships are awarded in their honor, and the underlying idea of openness and reasoned debate with the power of the ideas rather than the loudness of the voice winning the day.

The Kaffeehaus Fellowship Program awards scholarships of up to €7,000 each year to 3- 6 outstanding students from Austria with demonstrated financial need and excellent academic credentials. In exceptional cases, students from India who meet the scholarship criteria may also be considered. Scholarship recipients will show promise both within and beyond the classroom, through a record of high academic achievement and volunteer or extracurricular engagement.

Preference is given to students accepted to the departments of Economics and Business, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Network Science, and the undergraduate Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) programs. Students in multi-year programs are eligible for renewed scholarship funding during each year of their studies at CEU, pending successful completion of annual program requirements.

The Fellowship amount awarded can be used for living expenses, housing, or tuition, and may be combined with other scholarships.