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Department of Economics and Business

Krisztina Perlaky-Toth - Student Recruitment Ambassador
Region: Europe
Hometown and country: Budapest, Hungary
Program: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets
Year of Graduation: 2015
Current position: Administrator at the European Economic and Social Committee

"Studying at CEU was a unique experience. I did not only acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that prepares me for any task I might face during my career, but I also learnt to think critically and not to be afraid to express my ideas and my opinion. I also became more open to the world and to the different views and perspectives of people from different countries, cultures and professional fields. What makes CEU extraordinary is its exceptional academic environment, its international community and interdisciplinary thinking."

Stefan Catrina - Student Recruitment Ambassador
Region: Europe
Hometown and Country: Targoviste, Romania
Program: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets
Year of graduation: 2015
Current position: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company

"For me, CEU was not only a great academic experience, but an extraordinary personal experience too. Academically, I received a great amount of support from the department, professors and classmates. By expanding theoretical knowledge and challenging different views we had on a number of real-life issues, I had the chance to acquire skills that are valuable no matter what career path I pursue. Personally, living in such an international environment was a unique chance to widen my social, cultural, and economic perspectives as well as making lifelong friends."

Pawel Bukowski
Region: Europe
Hometown and Country: Warsaw, Poland
Program: PhD in Economics
Year of graduation: 2016
Current Position: Research Economist at London School of Economics

"The Department of Economics at CEU is one of the fastest growing and most ambitious in Europe. The faculty, which has come from the world's top universities, offers state-of-the-art advanced courses and excellent supervision. From my own perspective (of a young scholar), equally important is that CEU supports the establishment of academic networks – from travel and research grants, organization of academic event funds to scholarship for spending a semester at a university abroad. Last but not least, the generous financial support for PhD students allows you to stay focused on learning and developing your own research."

Gergo Batiz

Region: Europe
Hometown and country: Szeged, Hungary
Program: MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets
Year of Graduation: 2016
Current position: Business Analyst at EPAM Systems

"One of the reasons I chose the MA program in Economic Policy in Global Markets is that it complements my background in business. Also, I’ve always been attracted to public affairs but realized I don’t know enough about policy-making. I really enjoy the theoretical and mathematical components of the program and appreciate the wide range of courses we can choose from. I would advise new students to immerse themselves in what I call the CEU bubble. The atmosphere is empowering and the people are inspirational: it’s a great intellectual environment."

Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Logan Strenchock
Region: North America
Hometown and country: Pennsylvania, USA
Program: MA in Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Year of Graduation: 2012
Current position: Environmental and Sustainability Officer at CEU

"It's difficult to summarize all that CEU has meant to me in a few words. The opportunity to forge close bonds with brilliant minds from across the world, and to learn in a setting which encouraged collaboration, exploration, and cooperation, has meant much to me. An important aspect of student life at CEU is the possibility to participate within the various civic or recreational clubs that already exist within the University community, or to create new groups based on personal interests. The ability to apply classroom knowledge in a real world setting, in the wonderful city of Budapest, is something that was very important to me."

Department of History

Laura de Vizcaya
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Hometown and country: Mexico City, Mexico
Program: MA in History of Central Europe
Year of Graduation: 2009
Current position: Humanities Coordinator and History Professor

"Studying at CEU provided me with so many personal, professional and academic resources that I still cannot count them. As a student of the MA in History of Central Europe, I made the most of daily life in Budapest and most importantly I acquired knowledge and information that have become very useful for my professional development back home. I am grateful to all my CEU teachers and to my friends all over Eastern Europe who contributed to make my CEU experience the best of my life."

Theo Roth
Region: North America
Hometown and country: Iowa, USA
Program: MA in History
Year of Graduation: 2011
Current position: Collection Manager at the Center for Book Arts

"CEU provides a unique educational setting. Studying in an international environment with a diverse student body gave me the opportunity to engage with classmates from around the world and be exposed to a variety of perspectives. This is one of the most valuable aspects of CEU and one that I appreciated in my time there."

Department of Legal Studies

Kathryn Metz
Region: North America
Hometown and Country: Ohio, USA
Program: MA in Human Rights
Year of Graduation: 2015
Current position: Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Slavic and East European Studies at the Ohio State University

"After working in Hungary for three years, I finally decided to listen to a professor's advice from my undergraduate years who strongly encouraged me to apply to CEU. I am so thankful I finally listened to him! My year at CEU has broadened my horizons. Not only have I learned so much in the field I chose to study, but I have met people from all over the world who have taught me about their home countries and cultures, which has increased my understanding of the world. The year at CEU has taught me how to work hard and push my boundaries farther than what I thought I was capable of. I recommend CEU to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge in a challenging academic environment."

Deya Bhattacharya
Region: South Asia
Hometown and country: Bangalore, India
Program: LL.M. in Human Rights (International Justice Specialization)
Year of Graduation: 2014
Current position: Senior Legal Researcher, Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights

"Studying here means meeting students from diverse backgrounds and countries. Listening to their stories during and after classes is an integral part of the CEU experience. The faculty here is outstanding and immensely supportive. They will treat you as an equal, which is something I truly appreciate. One of the reasons I enjoy my studies here is the utilization of the Socratic method in classes. It facilitates the formulation of diverse opinions and debate."

Department of Medieval Studies

Hervin Fernandez-Aceves
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Hometown and country: Guadalajara, Mexico
Program: Medieval Studies
Year of Graduation: 2013
Current position: Doctoral candidate and Seminar Tutor, University of Leeds

"What I appreciate about my CEU experience is its wide and rich scope of formative options (from network science to Byzantine Greek paleography!), the strength and interdisciplinarity of its methodological training, and the inclusive and supportive activities of its research centers."

Nationalism Studies Program

Denise Nijhuis
Region: Europe
Hometown and country: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Program: MA in Nationalism Studies
Year of Graduation: 2013
Current position: Recruitment and Communications Officer at University College Roosevelt, Middelburg (the Netherlands) & PhD Candidate at University College Roosevelt, Middelburg (the Netherlands)

"When I think about my CEU experience, there are so many great things I can talk about, like the academic excellence, or the cultural diversity of the students and faculty, but I think it is a combination of all those things that makes CEU the perfect place to study. Especially in the Nationalism Studies Program, not only the cultural background, but also the academic background of students is very diverse, allowing for great in-depth discussion and a marvelous learning experience."

Brigitta Erzsebet Richmond
Region: North America
Hometown and country: Indiana, USA
Program: MA in Nationalism Studies
Year of Graduation: 2010
Current position: Study Abroad Specialist at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

"The Nationalism Studies program provided me with an interdisciplinary approach to nation building. Nationalism challenged me to think 'outside the box' and I was able to apply that to any situation. This degree challenged my theoretical thinking and sharpened my research skills. I was able to come back to my country and use those critical thinking and research skills in a wide variety of businesses. Because of this degree I am currently a process improvement manager at an engineering company. I use what CEU gave me and applied it to another area in my home town."

Department of Political Science

Mikheil Shavtvaladze
Region: Central Asia and the Caucasus
Hometown and country: Tbilisi, Georgia
Program: MA in Political Science
Year of Graduation: 2010
Current position: PhD Candidate and Visiting Lecturer of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Tbilisi State University

"Speaking of my CEU experience, I mostly appreciated the friendly environment that CEU created for so many students regardless of their very diverse nationalities and cultures. Besides, concerning my professional aspirations and skills, at CEU I had excellent opportunity to acquire high quality expertise in political science thanks to the international faculty with outstanding professors and vast scientific materials available at the CEU Library. Furthermore, I liked the opportunity to explore and enjoy a very exciting and unforgettable life in Budapest. In summary, while living in CEU's Residence Center and studying at CEU, I really enjoyed the multicultural atmosphere and I am very proud, as a CEU alumni, to join CEU's global community.

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Saif Ullah Nasar
Region: South Asia
Hometown and Country: Quetta, Pakistan
Program: MA in Social Anthropology and Sociology
Year of Graduation: 2016
Current position: Alumnus

"CEU is a unique and rare package: it is one of the world's leading postgraduate institutes recently ranked in one of the best one hundred universities around the globe in Times Higher Education; it is located in one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, Budapest; and offers generous scholarship to its students. The department of Social Anthropology and Sociology has its own idiosyncrasy: its course structure gives extensive insight into the field, with a fine balance between theory and methodology and, most importantly, it is a non-Eurocentric department. The professors have fieldwork experience from South Asia to Southeast Asia, Middle East to Africa, and Europe which is highly important for prospective students to find thesis supervisor familiar with their area of interest. Moreover, the department supports its students in their academic curiosity through travel and research grants which is very rare in other universities at Master level."

School of Public Policy

Rania Salah Seddik
Region: North Africa
Hometown and country: Cairo, Egypt
Program: MA in Public Policy
Year of Graduation: 2011
Current position: Founder and owner of GebRaa for Egyptian Handmade Treasures

"What I liked the most about CEU is how international it was. I now have friends from almost every country of the world and the cultural exposure I got is one of the main highlights of my stay at Budapest. The best part was living in the dorms in a 10-floor building with almost 450 students coming from over 100 countries: we used to share everything and it was amazing just knowing that at any moment you can leave your room and meet people at multiple public space locations at the dorms."

Radka Pudilova
Region: Central Europe
Hometown and Country: Olomouc, Czech Republic
Program: School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration
Year of Graduation: 2015
Current Position: Project Coordinator at Open Society Fund Prague

"I was looking for an international institution which would be able to provide me with both academic and practical experiences during my studies there. As such, it is no surprise that the Passion Project and Skills for Impact curriculum made SPP's MPA program very attractive."

Robert Papp
Region: Europe
Hometown and Country: Budapest, Hungary
Program: School of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration
Year of Graduation: 2015
Current Position: Consultant at Goodwill Communications

"What made my experience as a student at CEU unique are the opportunities the University provided me to gain international experience. I could study together with 25 classmates from 22 countries, do an internship in Jakarta, conduct field research in Myanmar, and attend an academic conference in Hong Kong. All these would have been impossible without the network and financial support of CEU."