CEU's Student Recruitment Office is dedicated to finding the best candidates for our graduate and doctoral programs. Our vision is to find ambitious and talented students who are passionate about contributing to building dynamic, sustainable open societies, about making a difference and who are looking for a unique academic experience.

Have questions? Get more information here or contact us at:

Nador u. 11, 2nd Floor
1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tel.: (+36-1) 328 3401
Email: student-info@ceu.edu
Undergraduate inquiries: undergradadmissions@ceu.edu
Facebook: Student Recruitment Office at Central European University


Edit Kalman
Director of Student Recruitment
Email: kalmane@ceu.edu

Andrea Vagi
Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist
Email: avagi@ceu.edu

Julia Staudacher
Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
Email: staudacherj@ceu.edu

Betti Takacs
Student Recruitment Officer
Email: takacsb@ceu.edu

Zsuzsa Papp
Student Recruitment Officer
Email: pappzs@ceu.edu

Gabriella Emszt
Student Recruitment Officer
Email: emsztg@ceu.edu

Vera Hervai 
Student Recruitment Coordinator
Email: hervaiv@ceu.edu

Krisztina Darazs-Sebok
Student Recruitment Officer
Email: sebokk@ceu.edu

Luka Gotsiridze
Student Recruitment Coordinator
Email: gotsiridzel@ceu.edu